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Many times it happens that you like Youtube video that you want save in your local computer. There are many online service that allow you to download and convert Youtube video to support your device. But they don’t provide the option to download the video in HD format.4K Downloader is ultimate free Youtube Downloader bundled with features.It allows you Download Youtube videos  from lower quality to HD quality and download youtube playlist along with the caption. Youtube HD downloader is supported for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu a cross-platform application.

Download 4K Downloader for free from their official site and install in you system.Now copy URL of the Youtube video you want to Download and start 4K Downloader interface and click Paste URL button. It will fetch information about video and gives you the various options to Download video.

Youtube HD Downloader

Youtube HD Downloader

  1. Choose Video Quality: Using 4K downloader you can select video quality from lowest possible quality for youtube videos to 1080p videos.Select quality according to your choice and you can start with downloading.
  2. Extract Audio from Video: You can extract only Audio from the video like you can download mp3 format of Video for listening to songs.
  3. Select file Format for Audio and Video: You can select a file format for Video as well as Audio. Like for Videos you can have MP4, FLV,3GP, and MKV and for Audio MP3, M4A, OGG.
  4. Download Youtube Captions: While downloading video you can select Download Subtitles option to Download Youtube video caption into SRT file.

Download Youtube Playlist

To download Youtube Playlist grab URL of Youtube Playlist  and do the same step what you will do to download a single video. The software will grab all video list in the playlist and you can download all videos in the playlist in audio and video format.
4K Downloader also supports Downloading all videos from particular Youtube channel, but it requires paid version of it do so. Playlist downloader feature for a free version of application only all you to download playlist containing 25 or fewer videos. If playlist has more than 25 and you want to continue than you need to be paid version.
It as more feature like you can enable smart mode to save time while keep selecting same option for all of your videos.All in all 4K Downloader have all feature that is required for a video Downloader as well it provide most basic and most required feature for Free.
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