5 Unique Features of Chrome You should Use

Google Chrome is One of the most used Browser. It comes with some Great features which make it an Awesome Browser. More than 60% of Internet Users Use Chrome Browser. If you are using this post then (most probably),  you are also a Chrome User like me. The extensions provided By Chrome Store is just awesome and there are Many extensions available for different use. Google chrome connects with all Google Services perfectly, it is also a reason for the success of Google Chrome. Google Chrome is an awesome tool for webmasters. The extension for SEO is also awesome.These are top 5 Google Chrome features.

Today, I am going to reveal 5 Unique uses of Google Chrome. This feature is just awesome and may help in many situations. Especially, If You have installed fresh Windows OS or any other OS then Chrome can work as some software. These Google Chrome Features will increase your productivity and may help you to make your PC faster by removing some software.

Use These Awesome Google Chrome Features.

Below, I am going to list cool and useful features of Google Chrome Browser.

1. Use Google Chrome To Play Game

This features is especially and useful for internet addict peoples. If you are internet addict then it is tough for you to spend your time without internet connection. When you face problem with Router or Problem with your Intenet connection due to your ISP then nothing is bad than this. In this situation you can Play  “Endless T-Rex Run” game. This game is inspires by most popular endless games such as Subways Surfers and Temple run but with very low graphics. It is an Awesome Google Chrome Feature.

When You are facing Internet issuue just Open Chrome and open any site. There you will see a error saying “Unable to coonect with internet” with a T-Rex. Just hit the space bar in your keyboard and the game will start. It is an awesome Google Chrome features. This Features is available on All os including Android. You cant try this on your Android phone to.

2. Do Calculations with Google Chrome.

This feature is for every one. Almost all of us need to do small calculation on our daily life. In Google Chrome you can to calculations very easily. Just type calculations in Address bar and you will see the result there only. No other page and no need to to do any extra click. It saves lots of time in opening Calculation Software and doing the calculations. This feature replaced calculator software for many people including me. Best time saving Google Chrome Features.

As Google Chrome is a Google product it connect with Google Search perfectly. You don’t need to open Google.com and operate you can use Google Search from address bar only. If you know Google Search is a Calculator also and solve your maths problem. Chrome’s Address bar just connect with Google Search result and show you the result of Google search.

3. Use Chrome For Note Taking.

While Browsing or reading any content on any of your favorite website you need to take some notes or copy some lines. In this situation you need to open Notepad or any other software to take note. If you are chrome user then chrome can help you to take note without opening any extra software. Just Open New Tab and paste the bellow code.

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

It is easy to access this feature and afterwords after reading the content or taking the important notes you can copy it and paste it to any other tool to make a file. It is a simple editor but you can make it advance just by adding some extra lines of codes.

If you want a Advance note editor click here.

4. Use Chrome As A Video Player.

Yes, You can use your Chrome Browser To Play Videos and Audio files. This Google chrome features is useful for few times only when you don’t have player Like VLC not installed in your System. Suppose, If you installed Windows Freshly and you want to play your favorite video then you will require a media player bu in this case you have to install media player. In this situation you can use your Chrome Browser To play your videos. It is a simple player with some options. Not so useful but cool Google Chrome Features.

5. Check Responsiveness Of Any Website on all mobile devices.

This Google Chrome feature is specially for Webmasters, Bloggers and Web designers. They can view that how there Website in Mobile devices. There is long list of Devices such as Nexus, amazon kindle fire, iPad, iPhone and Samsung. After the release of Mobile Friendly algorithm by Google importance of responsive websites is increased. This tool will help you if you are making your Website/Blog Mobile Friendly. Best Part is that you can select the network type of the devices. This Google Chrome features help you to know the page load time on Different networks.

Just Right Click on Website which you want to test after that click on Inspect Element. Now click on the “Mobile” button. Now you will see margins in your browsers. On the Top Bar you can select the devices on which you want to do the test. It is one of the most useful Google Chrome features.

Closing Words.

These are the above hacks/tricks of Google Chrome. If you know any other Google Chrome Features so Comment below.

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