9 Creative Things to Do With Your Old Smartphone

In today’s world, where new technology compels people to upgrade their gadgets every now and then, it won’t take much time for your current smartphone to become a former friend. While upgrading, the most common thing you would do is to sell it for a really meagre price – thinking that you don’t need it now and something is indeed better than nothing after all.

But the fact is that – your old smartphone has a better use than giving it away for a cheap amount. This article has many creative ideas for your old smartphone.

This article has got some essential points. If you’re done with it and are looking for some fun on the internet, click here for 101 insane ideas!


1. Use it as an Audio Player

Keep as much load away from your current smartphone as you can, because you don’t want to overwhelm it already. Fill your old smartphone with favorites and turn it into an iPod. This idea is great since you won’t need to spend additionally for an audio player. Also, your smartphone has the potential to store thousands of songs. Try Spotify sleep timer for Android and iOS.

2. Keep it as substitute

Recent smartphones consume a lot of batteries and your smartphone addiction probably leads you to charging your device twice a day. IM apps such as WhatsApp and social networking apps such as Facebook keep running in the background and thus consume quite a lot of battery. In such circumstances, your smartphone’s battery can drop down to zero anytime.

But your old smartphone is completely free of such apps and you’re probably not going to stick to it every now and then. Thus, its battery would definitely last longer and it can serve as a substitute whenever your current device’s battery fails.

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3. Transform it into a gaming machine


Stop worrying about arranging for space to install your breath taking games. Take them out and install them into your old smartphone. Let your current device be relaxed and full of free RAM for a better performance. Let it breathe in the free storage space!

4. Reserve it for kids

Stuff your old device with kid-friendly apps and games. Though it is pretty useless for you, it is a boon for the small children in your house. They will certainly be overwhelmed with joy with a delightful gaming and learning experience.

There are many apps for toddlers available at Google Play. Install some of them and transform your old device to a child’s amusement toy!

5. Use it as a GPS Device


Get a nice casing that attaches your old device into the car, and use it for GPS purposes!

Now this is something really awesome. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of keeping your device in the car properly, since your old smartphone would be attached firmly, serving as a GPS machine.

6. Remote Control!

You will find dozens of apps in Google Play that promise to turn your smartphone into a remote control!

Well, I won’t give any app recommendation in this case. There are a lot of apps available and none of them promise to support all the appliances. I would recommend you to try different apps and stick to the ones that fill the gap.

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7. Experiment!

Do you have the curiosity to mess with the Android OS and deal with some RISKY stuff but don’t have the guts to implement it? Your old smartphone is a great victim for your experiments then!

The first step to getting started would be to ROOT your smartphone, of course. Then you can experiment with various things like getting rid of bloatware, installing native languages, expanding ram, cheating in games (yes!), overclocking the processor, installing a custom ROM and what not! There are infinite possibilities out there, and there is no risk at all, for your current smartphone will be still safe of all these deeds!
So take out the device and start experimenting!

8. Turn it into a photo frame


Love your old memories? Keep them with you always with this idea.

There’s an app called DayFrame which can do the job for you! DayFrame actively synchronizes with the data on your social networks and showcases all your photos uploaded there. You don’t have to worry about uploading the photos separately into the app. The app will get the photo as soon as it is there on your favorite social network.


If you feel you’re contented with your current smartphone, and do not prefer trying any of these ideas out, consider donating your smartphone!

While it might not mean anything to you, it can certainly help a less fortunate!

Final Verdict

I hope you found these ideas to be helpful! Try them out and do let me know how they work out for you, in the comments section below.

Also, if you have any idea that you would like to share, once again, the comment section is open for it

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