13 Biggest Myths About Being a Digital Nomad

The moment you lay your eyes on the lifestyle of digital nomads, you will wish to be one of them. And why not? Being a digital nomad is like having the time of your life. You can travel to your favorite places while making money online. Your world gets thrilling, and you gradually understand the real meaning of adventure. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, take it from a digital nomad herself, it’s not always glitz and glamour. It is usually not what google images show once you hit that search button. But don’t worry, I am here to spill the beans today.  Let’s take a look over some misconceptions regarding digital nomads and figure out the reality.

13 Biggest Myths About Being a Digital Nomad

Here is the list of thirteen biggest myths that are holding you back from living your nomadic digital career.

  • It Won’t Last For Long.

People usually think that you are going through a phase that will end once you are fed up with traveling. Often, they also confuse you with tourists and traveling enthusiasts. What they fail to understand is your profession and long-term commitment, which you can’t give up due to occasional boredom. The truth is that you can make it last for however long you want. It is all up to you.

  • Vacations for Lifetime!

Vacations for Lifetime!

Your social media may give a different impression, but believe me when I say this: You don’t end up drinking cocktails every other day and attending beach parties with your laptop. The only thing you would need to understand is that you are working in a different country. There will be good and bad days.

No, this is not a permanent vacation with a few breaks to work and earn in between. You have to meet deadlines continuously, and you even need a proper holiday like everyone else.

  • You Somehow Got Lucky

Let’s just admit. It is hard not to take credits when you truly deserve it. Just imagine giving your full dedication and not getting an ounce of appreciation in return. This is probably the most frustrating part.

However, the truth is that digital nomads are entirely self-made and hardworking because they don’t succeed at a single go. You have to stay focused and keep on trying your best.

  • OMG, Your Lifestyle is Too Expensive

You won’t always dine in five-star restaurants and live in fancy hotels, especially if you are a newbie. You will try to stay as careful as you can because you have to save for future trips. The motto here is to observe nature, travel, and enjoy your freedom instead of opting for a luxurious lifestyle.

  • What’s the Big Deal? Internet is Always There For You

Internet is Always There

The biggest deal of all is that the internet is hardly ever fast. You have strict deadlines to follow and boom! Either no internet or weak signals. This is one of the constant struggles you will have to face, so don’t keep on prolonging your work. You never know when the connection dies.

  • You Must be a Tech Know-it-all

It is entirely okay if you aren’t into technology. Now, you can excel in your area of expertise, like writing, editing, marketing, teaching, and blogging. After that, you can start your own business online without digging into the depths of technology. Not every digital nomad is a first-class technician.

  • You can Easily Settle Anywhere

If you are a digital nomad, then your real home is where your laptop is, and that could be seriously anywhere! However, settling is still not natural because you have to stay updated about the taxes and policies of different countries. A simple mistake could end up being risky for you and your career.

  • Your Friend’s Circle Must be Lit


Not every digital nomad is an extrovert. You may know a lot of people from different places you visit, but it is not necessary to establish stable connections with everyone.

  • You Have to Leave Your Current Job

At present, telecommuting is far more favorable than working from the office. However, you don’t have to quit your traditional job entirely and start from scratch. Instead of going for something new, it is better first to pursue something you are already familiar with since your past experiences can count a lot.

  • Your Life Problems will Magically Disappear

Being a digital nomad isn’t a ticket to a trouble-free life. There are times when you feel lonely and left out even when people surround you. Other than this, the major drawback is missing out the important family events. Besides, the different time zones are difficult to adjust to, which mess up your working schedule and sleeping pattern.

  • You Can’t Start a Family


The idea of having kids while you are just bouncing ( and working ) from places to places is repulsive to a lot of people. With that being said, people would expect you to get rid of your nomadic digital career for the betterment of your kids. To be realistic, your kids will have a multitude of opportunities to explore people, places, and cultures.

In short, you are doing your kids a favor because they will develop a better understanding of life.

  • Your Parents Must be Rich

You wouldn’t want your parents to sponsor your trips regardless of their financial status. I mean, the whole point of choosing this career is to embrace independence, be it financially or emotionally.  A shortcut to being a digital nomad isn’t the financial support from your parents. There is no shortcut at all. You have to learn to be patient because success within telework isn’t spontaneous.

  • It is Compulsory to Have a Blog

Most of the digital nomads share their experiences on online platforms to entertain people and get funds from their blogs. However, this should not be your side focus if you are not into writing. You don’t need to bite off more than you can chew.


I hope this article has cleared your misconceptions about digital nomads. The lifestyle has its perks, but you can’t shy away from the downsides of living as a digital nomad. Just know what you want and love what you do because the journey is worth it.


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