Best of DuckDuckGo Goodies for Bloggers

DuckDuckGo search engine that Doesn’t track its user like other search engines do for Users information. So that they can show targeted ads according to your interest. DuckDuckGo also provides an instant answer to Users queries on top of the page, It is called Goodies.
There are lots of DuckDuckGo Goodies which can give you quick answers to your question. Here I am listing some of them that can be useful for Bloggers.

Expand shortened URL

In the Internet world, I think every blogger come across with Shortened URL. There are many URL Shortener services online this type of URLs are varied use full for social networking service. But short URLs redirect users to some other website. It can redirect the user to some spam website or used by Hackers to Hack you. So if you want to see Long URL of the website behind short URL.
Just paste short URL in DuckDuckGo Search Box Press Enter To see Long URL.

Quickly Generate a QR code

Today QR codes are an easier way to distribute information to mobile users. You can create QR-codes for websites link, email address or your contact information in QR code. Mobile users can scan QR-code and get a link to your company website or blog URL.
To Generate QR-code type QRcode with information you want to add and then press Enter to generate.
For Example QRcode http://ddg.gg/

Shows a website’s status

If you are a blogger and have multiple blogs, so it is very important to know the status of your blog. Is it UP or having any problem. You can check your blog status in our mobile using DuckDuckGo search while you’re not at home.
To check your blog or website status Ex  “is techofy.org up?” in search and see your website Ping rate and HTTP response code with the IP of your website.

Find Hosting and Domain coupons

You can easily find a web hosting providers coupons list from various Hosting service in DuckDuckGo search. similarly, domain names discount coupons as well. Below two queries to find Domain and Hosting provider Discount coupons.
  1. web hosting coupons
  2. Domain coupons

Generate placeholder text

If you want the Randomly Generated text to place on your new blog test page or under development website. You can do this with DuckDuckGo search.
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