Best Phone Grips to Hold Your Phone in 2021

Best phone Grips to Hold Your Phone

It’s 2021 and most of us are completely dependent on smartphones for most of our day-to-day life. As high priced as most smartphones are today in the market, they have certainly become precious assets for their users.

Considering that, it would be quite frustrating to drop a $300 gadget on which your life depends or just not being able to hold them with ease. That is where phone grips come in, if you have struggled in the past to handle/use your phone with one hand, and are looking for something to hold your phone better than your bare hands, phone grips are just the right things to hold your phone.

Phone grips are smartphone accessories that are fixed at the back of the phone providing a loop or handle in which you can place your fingers to have a more firm and comfortable grip on your phone. With the advent of phone grips holding a smartphone has never been more risk-free.

In this article, we shall be reviewing some of the best phone grips which will help you hold your phone.


Types of phone grips:

  • PopSockets
  • Finger ring holder
  • Strap phone grips


Of all the things to hold your phone out there, PopSockets have been one of the most successful phone grips which help hold your phone. They offer simple and light-weighted phone grips that are long-lasting and sturdy. The variety of designs available from PopSockets makes them one of the most favorite phone grips of all time.

Pop sockets have a range of designs and products in the market widely available around the globe in most places. iPhone PopSockets cases can be easily found along with most smartphone brands. PopSockets also work with most phone cases, a PopSockets phone case is made for people who prefer to use phones with protective cases for drop protection and also want PopSockets on the back of their phone cases. Phone case with PopSockets are a little more costly but worth having.

These are some of the best PopSockets products of all time:

PopSockets PopGrip: Swappable Grip

Price: from $10 at amazon


  • Easily swappable
  • Variety of designs
  • Easily available
  • Slim and sleek designs
  • Impressive iPhone popup holder


  • Poor as kickstand
  • Slightly expensive
  • Not compatible with silicone cases

PopSockets Black Multi-Surface Mount

Price: from $10 at PopSockets


  • Great for daily use
  • Works on all surfaces
  • Simple design
  • Optimum for use in car


  • Limited designs
  • Slightly expensive
  • PopSockets need to be secured

PopSockets PopGrip: Backspin

Price: from $19.99 at Amazon


  • playful
  • Helps in reducing stress
  • Impressive design
  • Fidget spinner inspired


  • Incompatible with most grips
  • Slightly expensive
  • Makes sound while spinning

PopSockets PopGrip: The Child

Price: from $16.99 at Amazon


  • affordable
  • Wide range of skins available
  • Works perfectly as stands
  • Pop culture inspired designed


  • Incompatible with silicone grips


PopSockets PopGrip: Lips

Price: starting from $13.00 at PopSockets


  • Cute look
  • Simple use
  • Provides better grip
  • Provides lip balm in the top


  • Poor quality lip balm
  • Slightly expensive
  • Much larger and heavier design

PopSockets PopWallet+

Price: starting from $19.95 at Amazon


  • Compact design
  • Slim and sturdy
  • Can fit in up to 3 cards
  • Easy to use


  • bulky
  • Not appropriate to keep cash
  • Not very secure

Finger ring phone holders

Phone finger rings can be a great addition to your phone accessories with their engaging and simple designs as they provide more firmness and grip on your phone.

Phone rings are available in countless shapes and designs in the market. Many companies are manufacturing phone rings and can be found in all price ranges.

Along with that most, phone finger holder can also work as a stand for your smartphone, so they turn out to be another essential add-on, people should have for their phones as they work as a phone grip and stand both.

A good finger ring phone holder should be reachable so as not to cause strained fingers on continuous use.

These are some of the best phone rings of all time:

FitFort finger kickstand

Price: from $16.99 at Amazon

FitFort finger kickstand is most probably the best finger ring phone grip out there. The FitFort finger ring which is attached to the back of your phone is so strong enough that it can withstand a load of up to 10lbs. This feature of FitFort makes it a reliable grip providing ultimate stability on any surface.

Moreover, FitFort is made up of stainless steel giving it a sleek metallic look.  The base is made up of special zinc alloy, Which allows the ring to allow a complete 360-degree rotation.

More than just a grip FitFort finger kickstand also works as a mobile stand with its strength it’s quite feasible to angle the phone on any surface while cooking, driving, etc.


  • 360-degree rotation
  • Sturdy as a kickstand
  • Works with magnetic holders
  • Easy to use
  • affordable


  • Wireless charging is a hassle
  • Non Reusable adhesives

Lamicall finger ring phone grip

Price: from $7.99 at Amazon

Lamicall finger ring phone grip is another great budget ring grip out there, providing a strong adhesive base that ensures that you won’t have to worry about dropping your phone due to a weak base.

Along with that, it works perfectly fine as a phone kickstand offering a multi-directional orientation for any viewing angle.


  • affordable
  • Compatible with metallic cases
  • Strong adhesive base


  • Limited colors available
  • Not great with larger phones
  • Interferes with wireless charging

Aduro cell phone ring holder 

Price: from $9.99 at Amazon

Aduro cell phone finger holder is a universal ring phone grip designed to provide you a rock-solid grip on your phone.

The ring contains a rubber external layer that provides a reliable grip on most surfaces making the Aduro cell phone grip a reliable kickstand for your phone.

It is available in 6 colors offering all the primary colors of smartphones. The plastic adhesive is reusable and can be easily removed. The finger-in design prevents your fingers from getting fatigued.


  • Works as a car mount
  • Reliable grip
  • Reusable adhesive


  • bulky
  • Not great for wireless charging
  • Weak adhesive

Best phone Grips

Spigen ring phone grip

Price: from $13.99 at Amazon

Spigen ring grip is probably the best after FitFort providing a durable and eye-catching design at the back of your phone.

Though it costs a few more dollars compared to Lamicall the price is worth it. Spigen ring cell phone gripper is available in seven colors that match most smartphone shades.

The ring provides smooth rotation and can be flipped easily making it the perfect thing to hold your phone. Apart from that, it works fine as a kickstand and an additional hook mount included allows you to dock your phone on your car dashboard.


  • Works as a car mount
  • Reliable grip
  • Reusable adhesive


  • Incompatible with textured cases
  • Doesn’t work with magnetic car holders
  • Hinges wear out after some time

Strap phone grips

If you are not a fan of PopSockets or finger ring phone grips, you definitely have to love phone strap grips as they are much lighter and less bulky than the former options.

Handling is much easier with a strap phone grip as they are mostly made up of soft fabric or silicone instead of the metallic material used in ring phone grips and PopSockets.

Most phone straps are designed to fit in your complete hand which does not cause strain on individual fingers. There are tons of strap phone grips in the market. Finger strap for iPhone and countless other smartphone companies are quite common in the market.

These are some of the best phone strap grips of all the things to hold your phone.

Scooch wingback universal

Price: from $14.99 at Amazon

Scooch is a snappy silver/black strap grip that serves as a phone grip, car mount, and kickstand for your cell phone. It is compatible with a magnetic car mount due to the metallic spring inside it, the spring showcases pretty impressive durability. Scooch wingback is a long-lasting gadget for your phone.

As a phone case, Scooch is pretty sturdy and will protect your screen. The latest version also supports wireless charging giving it another edge over other phone grips.


  • Works as a car mount
  • Pop in/out design
  • Long-lasting
  • Great as a kickstand


  • Inappropriate for smaller phones
  • Difficult to operate with smaller hands
  • Doesn’t support Qi charging

Speck GrabTab

Price: from $9.00 at Amazon

Speck GrabTab is a super-thin phone holder for hand providing a long strap cell phone handle. It includes a non-bulky adjustable loop for a comfortable and secure experience, the loop can be adjusted according to the user’s comfort; this feature makes Speck GrabTab friendly for all hand sizes.

Thanks to its smart sleek design it does not interfere with wireless charging at all and sits flat on all surfaces barely taking any excess space in your pocket.

It is available in a variety of designs including the famous Pride and jazz collection.


  • Super slim design
  • Appropriate for all hand sizes
  • Doesn’t affect wireless charging
  • Loads of designs available


  • Thin but takes a lot of space
  • Poor kickstand


Price: from $12.99 at Amazon

If you struggle with handling a phone and a wallet together Monet is just the thing for you working as a wallet having two slots that can hold up to two cards or even cash along with providing a reliable phone strap grip.

The impressive leather material on the exterior side looks dashing while also providing a firm grip to your fingers.


  • Provides a Spacious wallet
  • Sits flat on surfaces
  • Can be used with one finger


  • Poor stand
  • Incompatible with magnetic car holders
  • Interferes with wireless charging

Best phone Grips


Price: from $9.95 at Amazon

LoveHandle is a soft stretchable strap that sticks at the back of your phone providing a satisfying grip to your fingers, unlike other phone grips LoveHandles do not wear your fingers out thanks to the stretchable fabric strap.

Although like all elastic fabrics LoveHandle strap’s elasticity wears out after some time making the grip loose and useless. Also like most fabric materials, it is prone to dirt and oil stains.

None of that should stop you from having a LoveHandle for your phone, as they are available in countless colorfully rich designs for an affordable sum.


  • non-bulky
  • Sits flat on surfaces
  • Comfortable for fingers


  • Doesn’t provide a phone stand
  • Incompatible with magnetic car holders
  • Elastic Strap wears out after some time


Price: from $9.00 at Amazon

Sinjimoru is another great phone grip also providing a fully functional wallet that impressively can hold up to five cards and some cash too which is more than Monet or any other wallet phone grip in the market.

Plus, it definitely won’t disappoint you as a phone grip either the elastic leather strap is just the right phone finger strap to hold on to.

The wallet has a protective flap to ensure your cards or cash are well protected and won’t fall off.


  • Elastic leather strap
  • Fair price
  • Concealed wallet
  • Works as a phone stand


  • Few color options
  • Incompatible with magnetic car holders
  • Elastic Strap wears out after some time

Popsockets vs rings grips

Due to the high demand for PopSockets and various ring phone grips, people often struggle to choose which one of either to go for.

Popsockets are the pioneers in the field as they are more than just a phone grip, representing a fashion culture, being available in various designs and colors it has earned the role of a fashion essential more than just a mere phone grip.

Meanwhile, ring phone grips are to their core designed to better serve the purpose of being a phone grip, kickstand, and car mount, etc. Most ring grips require a single finger to be able to use whereas PopSockets require two fingers to develop any grip at all on your phone. Ring grips like FitFort or Spigen are one of the best ring phone grips in the market and provide top quality products.


After reading this article you now hopefully have developed a sound knowledge about phone grips and all their types in the market.

Either you go for a PopSocket, a ring phone grip, or strap phone grip depending on your preferences and liking one thing is quite clear; you should be definitely using a phone grip to get an even fuller experience from your smartphone as its already 2021 and mobile phones are everyday essentials in our lives. It’s time we stop worrying at least about dropping these digital lifelines.

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