Best Texting Games to Play During Covid-19 Quarantine

Have Fun Playing 31 Best Text-Based Games With Your Family And Friends During Quarantine

The arrival of Coronavirus pandemic has shaken the whole wide world wildly, changed the people’s lifestyle, deprived people from socializing, and produced fear of transmission of disease in them.

Staying connected with loved ones is essential to avoid all sorts of stresses in order to remain physically, mentally and psychologically healthy. Humans demand communication and socializing for its survival and psychological health.

Being all day and night at home and can’t go outside with friends and family freely has really brought distress amongst humans.

6.33% to 50.9% of the population from most parts of the world are suffering from anxiety and 14.6% to 48.3% from depression during the pandemic.

Surely, this pandemic has globally affected mental health drastically. During the quarantine, technology is playing a huge role in connecting people from around the world.

If boredom and laziness has really overwhelmed your life and you desperately wanted to come out from this circumstance, then texting games over the phone will definitely help you a lot to spend time during the quarantine with your loved ones, keeping you busy to stay away from the unwanted stress.

Here are some of the best texting games that you can play with your friends and family over phone. These chatting games will surely bring you, your family and friends together. All you need is a smartphone and an internet. That’s it!

List of Best Texting Games to Play during Covid-19 Quarantine:

1. 20 Questions

2. Abbreviations

3.Friends tag questions

4. Never have I ever

5.Would You Rather Questions

6. Hangman

7. Truth Game

8. Finish the Sentence

9. Rhymes

10.Story time

11.Most likely to questions


13.Simple Quiz

14.I Spy

15.Trivia game

16.Unpopular Opinions


18. WWYD

19. Last Letter Game

20.Category fun

21.The Laughing Game

22.Questions Only Game

23.Word Association

24. Where I am?

25.Fortunately, Unfortunately

26. Puzzle Text-Based Games using Emoticons

27.Guess the Number

28. Test your IQ

29.Other Question Games

30.Words in reverse

31. Word Building


20 Questions:

‘20 Questions’ is a 19th century, old TV show game, which swiftly became famous in the late 40s.It is a deductive form of a game that can be played over the phone.20 questions game requires only two players. One player must choose anything. It can be a place, a thing or a person. The other player has to find out what that object is.

The guesser asks 20 or less questions to the opponent by texting. The opponent’s ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ responses, help the guesser to reach out that specific object the opponent is thinking of.


First player: Assume the object; for example,’ a glass of water’.

Second player will text a question to the first player: “Is the object huge?”

The first player reply: “No”

The second player will ask another question to the opponent: “Can I touch that object”

The first player reply: “Yes”

The game continues until the second player guesses the object and wins the game or exceeds the 20 questions and loses the game.


Whether we are in a coffee shop, or in a phone booth or driving on a road, abbreviations are all around us. Abbreviations are a fun and extremely interesting game you have never played before.

You select the category from where you will ask the abbreviation or acronym; your opponent has to tell the full form of the abbreviation.


  •  You pick the category; for example, Internet
  •  You ask the abbreviation related to the internet; such as, O.M.G.
  •  Your opponent will tell you the full form of an abbreviation.
  • Next, your opponent will ask you the full form of an abbreviation.
  • Whoever gets the highest scores, wins the game.

Friend tag questions

Another fascinating texting game name is ‘Friend tag questions’. You ask a question to your friend which is related to you. Your friend will tell you the correct answer, if he/she knows you.

This game is interesting in a way that it will show you how well your friend knows you.


·        How did we become friends?

·        What do I like most: an ice cream or a chocolate?

·        What is the name of a place, I really wanted to go for vacations?

Never Have I Ever

‘Never Have I Ever’ game is a fun game that will let you know about your friends and family. Different kinds of punishments can be set up; such as drinking a nasty juice. The game is simple.

The deed is read, beginning with ‘Never Have I Ever’. If you have done that deed, then you take the punishment. The whole game should be played honestly.

This game can be played through video call as well to make the game more fun in real.


  •  Never Have I Ever gone to school without brushing my teeth.
  • Never Have I Ever eaten dog/cat food.

Would You Rather Questions

‘Would You Rather’ questions game is an exciting game. In this game, you will ask your friend “Would you rather do this _________ or that_______?”

Your friend has to choose only one option. Certainly, your friend will surprise you with her/his answer.

Tougher the questions are, the more exciting the game will be.

‘Would You Rather’ questions game is a fun texting game, also known as “this or that.”


  • Would you rather lose the ability to read or lose the ability to speak?
  • Would you rather have more time or more money?



‘Hangman’ is the most popular game among all the texting games. It can be played via video call as well.

One of the players chooses the word. The first player then makes numbers of blank lines equivalent to the numbers of letters the word contains.

For example, the word is ‘cat’, the numbers of lines will be 3 “(—)”. The opposite player will then complete the whole word by guessing each letter of that word correctly. For each wrong guess, the guesser becomes closer to losing the game.

For every wrong answer, the player who chose the word draws the hangman, starts from the head and ends by drawing the legs. If the guesser gives seven wrong answers, the man is hanged and loses the game.

Truth and Dare Game:

We have all played the ‘Truth and Dare’ game. But, you can play this game via texting too.

You can skip the dare part, if you are playing over texting. You can play this game through video-chatting software, Snapchat etc.

Make a few flash cards say; for example, you make 20 numbers of cards. On half of the flash cards you write truth related questions and remaining half you write dare related questions.

Shuffle the flash cards and randomly pick a card. If the truth comes, the other player has to tell the truth. No matter how bitter the question is, the person has to tell the truth.

If dare comes, the task has to be performed. If you or the person who is playing with you, denies saying or doing the action, the player has to be punished.

Finish A Sentence:

‘Finish a Sentence’ is a game to play over the phone with a friend; also, with your family especially when you are free and have nothing to do.

You start a sentence and the person playing with you will complete the sentence.

Limit the time of each answer. This will make the game even more interesting and joyful.


‘Rhymes it’ or ‘make it rhymes’ is a brain using texting game. You text the first word then your friend or your family member will text back you the word that rhymes what you just texted; so the game continues in the same manner and finishes when one of you runs out of the rhyming words and ends the game.

It is best to set the time limit.


‘Story time’ game is the same as ‘finish a sentence’ game, but you have to finish the story instead of a sentence. You start a story by telling a line.

Your friend continues the story by adding another line. The game carries on until you and your friend want or reach the sensible ending. It is the best game to play over the phone with a friend.


You start a story: “Once upon a time there was a…”

Your friend continues: “Giant monster having…”

You: “huge size, enormous hands and feet…”

Most Likely to Questions:

‘Most Likely to Questions’ is an enjoyable game which you can play with one or more people.

In this game, all you need is to make a number of questions. The question is asked and all the players including you have to tell that between you and other players playing this game, who fits best to this question.


·        Who is most likely to be rich in the next ten years?

·        Who is most likely to travel the world in future?

It is an exciting and fun game to play in person but that can be played over text also through video call as well.


This is an intellectual, real texting game. In this game, all you have to do is to pick a tricky, jumble letter word. Set a time limit. You and other players have to unjumble the jumbled word.


  • You choose the word- “ERDA”
  • The answer is “READ”.

Fun right!

Simple Quiz

‘Simple Quiz’ is also a mind using game yet interesting. No matter what kind of quiz it is, all forms are fun to play. This type of game is not only fun to play but also it will help you to increase your knowledge and make you mentally strong.

You ask other players intellectual and general knowledge questions; they will answer the questions you asked and vice versa.

If you or the opposite player is unable to answer the questions, the loser is punished.

Interesting ha!

To spice up the game, limit the time, the game will become more enjoyable and humorous. There are numbers of amazing texting game apps available to play with your friends and family during quarantine time. 

I Spy

‘I Spy’ is the classic and family game that has been played from generations. One of the most popular games you have ever played. It is the best game to play with your family.

You tell the opposite player where you are, and give some description of the surroundings you are in, then you say “I Spy with my little eyes something that starts with…” Your opponent will guess what you have spied.

Help your opponent by providing them some limited clues. If your opponent gives the accurate answer, the game moves to the next person.

The game becomes more buzzing, when more than two players will play this game. It is fun to play this game while you are on a long road trip, this will make your journey even more joyful and memorable.

During lockdown, this game can be played through video call or it can be a chatting game to play over text with your family and friends.

Trivia game

‘Trivia’ is a great questions texting game to play. This game is great in a way that it can be played anywhere, also it can be a chatting game because you can play this game over texting with your family and friends.

You and the person playing with you decide the category familiar to both -you and your opponent. Then ask different questions with each other related to that category.

You can play this game with your kids as well to spend more time with them.


·        You and your opponent choose the category.

·        Ask trivia questions from that category.

·        Limit the time to answer the question.

Questions examples:

Category e.g. Animals

1.     Name one mammal that cannot jump. Answer– Elephant.

2.     Name of the fastest land animal. Answer– The Cheetah.

Unpopular Opinions

In the ‘Unpopular Opinions’ game, you and the person playing with you opt a topic. On that specific topic, you and the opposite player will give unpopular opinions; also, commenting opinions of each other.

It is the real texting game that can assist you to eradicate the boredom and keep yourself busy and active during the quarantine.


  •  You and your friends choose a topic; such as, Chores.
  •  Questions: List the names of the tasks that you don’t like, but others like to go.


  • Painting
  • Planting
  • Baking

The unpopular game can be played by more than two people. Numbers of great unpopular opinions texting game apps are available to play with your friends and family.


‘Riddle’ is an enjoyable and a most popular game. Everyone has played this game from their childhood and might still be playing this game at the age of 30’s and 40’s.No matter how old this game is, it is still as fun to play as before.

Riddle is the puzzling questions that have to be solved. You have to think logically in order to come up with the answer.

There are riddles that are made up of puns and you get the correct answer via misleading hints.

How to play riddle game:

You ask your opponent the riddle and they have to give the correct answer. Set the number of attempts they can use to give the accurate answer.

Riddle examples,

·        What month of the year has 28 days?

Answer- All the months of the year.

·        What is full of holes but still holds water?

Answer- A sponge

You can play this game with your children of any age and friends. Riddle can scale from easy to hard. It can be funny riddles, brain-teasing riddles etc.


Locked at home for months? Bored? Have nothing to do in life and you seriously want to have fun with your friends and family, but, pandemic doesn’t give you permission to go out and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones.

Don’t worry, you can hang out with your family and friends; also, having fun contemporary by playing an amazing game over text called WWYD. The full form of the WWYD is ‘What Would You Do?

WWYD is the best option to remove your boredom. WWYD is an amazing question texting game to play over the phone with friends and family.

The rules for playing this game are simply easy. You are given an imaginary question and three scenarios, you have to pick one scenario that suits best for you.


  •       What would you do if you could only eat one food for your entire life?


o   I would eat my favorite food for the rest of my life.

o   I would not survive.

o   I would be patiently living my life

WWYD is a fun and humorous filled game. It will definitely entertain you the whole day during these tough days. The questions can be light-hearted or can be deep. So be prepared fellow!

Last Letter Game

Numbers of players of ‘Last Letter Game’ can be two or more. To play this game, all you need is to first decide the category, the first player will text the first word from the selected category.

The second player will then text the word that starts with the last letter of the word that the first player said, and so the game is carried on to the next players as it is, till any one of you is unable to guess the word and loses the game.

Setting the time limit will create the game even more interesting and energizing.


·        Pick a category; like, Cities of US

·        First player: Los Angeles.

·        Second player: Seattle

Category fun

To play this game, you have to select the category; for example, Cars brand. List the names of the things that come under this topic; such as, Honda, BMW, Kia, Toyota so on and so forth.

The game ends when any player fails to tell the name belonging to that category.

To spice up the game and to make the game hard, set up some rules; for example, each answer must be alphabetical order.

The Laughing Game

‘The Laughing Game’ is an exciting texting game with twists in a funny way, you will crack up the whole day. In this game, you will give various selected words to your opponent, they will answer the question from the given words only.

For example,

You give different words to the opponent; such as, vomit, rotten bananas, diarrhea and squashed tomatoes.

You ask a question: What did you eat?

Your opponent’s answer: Rotten bananas.

You can add up the rules of your own to make the game more interesting and funnier. There is basically no winner and loser in this game. This game will make you, your friends and family laugh and cheerful.

Have fun!

Questions Only Game

The ‘Questions Only’ game, as the name itself suggests its meaning; that is, the game requires only questions, not statements. To elaborate, in this game the two players will talk by asking questions with each other, not by statements.

If any by chance utter a statement, he/she will lose the game and is replaced by a new player who will then carry on the conversation.

Questions are spoken randomly, it shouldn’t necessarily be logical or reasonable. The only focus is to force your opponent to spontaneously utter a statement and lose the game.


You: What are you?

Your opponent: Where are you going?

You: Are you in the mall?

Your opponent: Did you finish your homework?

You: No, I didn’t. (Oops! you lose.)

This game is tricky and challenging that makes this game even more interesting and exciting compared to other questions texting games.

Two players can also play this game; however, adding more than two players at least upto eight players will keep the game rolling and bring more joys and laughter in quarantine days. This game can be played via video call as well

Be careful:

·        Never answer any question by the statement.

·        Pauses are not allowed in this game.

·        You pause, you lose.

·        Questions should not be repeated once it is asked.

 Word Association

‘Word Association’ game is kind of similar to ‘Question Only’ game. In this game, the first player will begin the game by texting any word. The opponent has to text back the word that comes into their mind immediately without any pause or delaying.

Isn’t this fun?


You: first word “Red”

Your opponent: “Rose”

You: “Smell”

Your opponent: “Sweet”

Keep in mind:

·        The previous word cannot be repeated.

·        Pause or delaying to give an answer is not permitted.

·        A word should be associated with the previous said word.

·        Setting the time is recommended.

Where I am?

‘Where I am’ game is the best fit game to play over a phone with your friends, especially when you are not at home because for this game you need to locate yourself somewhere.

As mentioned earlier, you need to go somewhere; for example, a grocery shop. Text your friends; describing the details of the surroundings of the place you are in.

It is up to you how hard you want to make this game, depending upon the level of descriptions of the place’s surrounding you will give to them.

Fun ha!

Fortunately, Unfortunately

‘Fortunately, unfortunately’ game is impromptu, fun game to play. It is simple and challenging at the same time. This game requires two or more players. All the players should sit in a circle.

The game begins by starting the first sentence of the story, each player alternating the fortunate and unfortunate statements, continues the story.

You have to be very creative, active and very quick to make a suitable addition to the story beginning with either using fortunate or unfortunate, whatever comes in your turn.


You (start a conversation): “One day, I got a new kitten”.

2nd player (continues the story):”Unfortunately, it ran away.”

3rd player: “Fortunately, the kitten came back before midnight with a new kitten.”


Puzzle Text-Based Games using Emoticons

This game is fun to play over text with your family and friends. It is best time pass during quarantine. The game is easy. You text emojis to your friends and family and they will tell the meaning of it.

You can ask anything; such as, name of car brands, clothing brands, poems, any famous person etc.


Answer: Sony (phone brand name).

Guess the Number

‘Guess the number’ game is a fascinating and an intellectual game.This game is best for the math whiz. In this game, all you need to do is find the number in the puzzle.

You can make a group of your friends and family altogether on Whatsapp. You will have a lot of fun with them.


It is a 5 digit number where,

·           First digit tells the number of zeroes in the number.

·        Second digit tells numbers of ones in the number.

·        Third digit tells numbers of twos in the number.

·        Fourth digit tells the number of threes in the number.

·        Fifth digit tells the number of fours in the number.

Guess the number?

Answer: 21200

Test your IQ

Are you a nerd? Do you like to play games which involve your brain exercising? Then ‘Test your IQ’ game is the game that fits you best. You answer the questions that are given to you. The scores will tell your IQ level.


1.     26 L of the A

2.     7 D of the W

3.     7 W of the W

4.     5 F on a H


1.     26 letters of the alphabet.

2.     7 days of the week.

3.     7 wonders of the world.

4.     5 fingers on a hand.

Other Question Games

Questioning games are amazing to play in a sense that it will help you grow your knowledge and exercise your brain which in turn is good for your brain health.

Questioning games are best to play with your kids as it will assist them to develop thinking ability and skills; also make their neurons connections strong. Playing questioning games will tell you how strong your IQ level is.


I am a four letter word

I am not alive, but I grow

I don’t have lungs, but I need an air

I don’t have a mouth

But water kills me.

Who am I?

Answer: FIRE

Words in reverse

‘Word in reverse’ is the best texting game to play with your loved ones. This game will definitely kill your time during lockdown.

In this game, you will confuse your friend by texting them a conversation sentence that has words written in reverse.


“Yeh stahw gniog no?”

‘Mi gnivah doog emit.”

This game will cheer you up if you are feeling lazy and tired; also help your family and friends feel lively by playing this game during these critical, tough days.

Word Building

This game is a fantastic, fun texting game to play with your kids, because it will help sharpen their minds and build their thinking ability as well.

The more they use their brain, the more their brain will be fast and quick to solve every level of problems.

Choose a word. Set the time limit. You and the person playing with you should start building new words from the given word as the time begins.

Stop when the time ends. The person with the highest number of the correct, new words; wins the game.


·        The word is DISAPPEAR.

List of words are:

  •  Pear
  • Ear
  • Sea
  • Pair
  • Appear











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