Best Whatsapp Tricks You Should Use

Whatsapp is the most famous and one of the best messaging app for Android, iOS, and other devices. There are 700 million Whatsapp Users. But there are many restrictions in Whatsapp like you can not share files larger than 16MB and you can not share many times of files like pdf, zip, APK, etc. Besides of this, There are some required tweaks which are required to use WhatsApp.  Today, I am going to reveal some awesome and useful WhatsApp tricks that you will love to use.

Following Are The Best Whatsapp Tricks That You Can Use In 2015.

1. WhatsApp Tricks to Spy on any of your WhatsApp Contacts.

Yes, I am Serious. I am Going to share an App which will help You to spy on any of your WhatsApp contacts. With this app, you can easily monitor how long and often any WhatsApp contact remains online. The app is named as WhatsDog. WhatsDog is a simple app. You just need to select the contact which you want to stalk by inserting his number and now you will be notified as soon as he comes online. The interface of this app is also simple. Also read how to download zapya for PC. This app in very awesome WhatsApp tricks.

Steps To Use WhatsDog.

  • Download Apk and Install WhatsaDog From This Link.
  • If You need APK of WhatsaDog then go to this Link.
  • Once Installed, Open the app and input the phone number of your target.
  • Now You are all set to go. Just wait for your target to come online and you will be notified.

WhatsDog is a simple to use App. If you face any issue please comment below.

2. A trick to Use Multiple Whatsapp Account on the Same Phone.

You can use multiple WhatsApp account on same Android phone by just using some simple apps. Originally, It is not allowed to use more than 1 WhatsApp accounts on a same phone but by using a simple app named as OGWhatsApp you can easily install another WhatsApp and use it as a different account. Let me give you a Demo how to use OGWhatsapp. It is a very useful WhatsApp tricks for those who use Dual sim phone and want to use their other phone number with WhatsApp. It is an awesome Whatsapp Trick that many people love to use.

Steps To Use OGWhatsApp.

  • Go to This Link. (This App is not available on Google Play Store. )
  • If You are installing APK for the first time then first go to Settings >Security > Check Unknown Sources.
  • Now You OGWhatsApp in the same way in which you use original Whatsapp.

This WhatsApp tricks is not working now, but it was an awesome experience to us this trick.

3. The WhatsApp Tricks to Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number.

Yes, You read that line properly. There is a way to use WhatsApp without any phone number. This trick will help you to use WhatsApp anonymously. There are many reasons for you to use WhatsApp without using your number anonymously. The use this WhatsApp tricks depend upon you. Follow the Bellow steps to use Whatsapp without any phone number.

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  • Install Voxox app from play store and create an account on it using you real phone number.
  • Uninstall WhatsApp and then Reinstall it because we require to verify phone number to change it.
  • Now, After installing it will ask you to verify phone number.
  • Put the phone number given by Voxox app and wait to for 4-5 minutes. You will receive a verification code on Voxox app.
  • Now, After Waiting for 5 minutes whastApp will allow you to fill that verification code manually. Put the code which Voxox have given you.

You Can Use This same trick To hide your Original Number.

4.  Whatsapp Tricks To Send .PDF, .APK and .ZIP file through WhatsApp.

It is not allowed to send pdf, APK and zip file through WhatsApp. I am going to tell you a simple trick which you can use to send this kind of file.  It is an app named as WhatSend. WhatSend work as same as a file browser. It is a simple to use an app. Just open WhatSend and then browse the file which you want to send and click on it to send it through WhatsApp. To transfer file with this app, the receiver also have to install WhatSend their device.  Go To WhatSend’s Official site for more info. This WhatsApp trick is very useful for many peoples and students.

5. Whatsapp Tricks To Increase Free Trial Period of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is paid messaging service initially it is free for 1 year but after 1 year it asks to pay $0.99. It is not the big amount for most of us and we should pay them because they are providing us this awesome service at this price so, I recommend you to pay them that price. But, If you don’t want to pay them then I have a simple trick for you which will help you to extend the free trial period of your WhatsApp account.

So, If your Whatsapp subscription is going to end then apply this simple trick. Just delete your WhatsApp account and create it again with same details now your subscription to WhatsApp is increased for next 1 year. To Delete the account go to Setting> Accounts> Delete my Account. Now, you have successfully deleted account now create the account again with same details.

6.Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages.

WhatsApp messages are very much important for us. Anyone don’t want to loose their important WhatsApp conversation. So, If you deleted any WhatsApp message accidentally then this small WhatsApp trick will help you recover your deleted messages. WhatsApp always stores your messages on their servers as well as on your memory card. When you delete messages from your WhatsApp then it is deleted from your memory card, not from WhatsApps’s servers. So, we can recover your deleted WhatsApp messages from their servers. This is very useful WhatsApp tricks.

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Follow These steps to recover your conversation.

  • Uninstall Whatsapp from your Device.
  • Move all Whatsapp related folders from you phone. (You can delete that but for security reason keep them safe on your PC or anywhere else)
  • Now, Waite for 2-3 hours and the reinstall Whatsapp on your phone.
  • After Installing and verifying your number, you will see an option to recover your messages. Just click on them and Download your messages and enjoy.

7. WhatsApp Tricks, to Hide Your Whatsapp Images from Gallery.

All images sent to your from different peoples like your friend, family members can be easily accessed using the Gallery app of your phone. It is bad for your privacy and anyone can look what kind of images and videos your are receiving from your friends and other users even if your WhatsApp is locked. By using a simple method, You can easily hide your WhatsApp images from Gallery this is very useful WhatsApp tricks for privacy reasons.

I have written a Deep Article on How To hide WhatsApp Media Files from Gallery on Android and iOS devices.

8. Whatsapp Tricks to Create Fake WhatsApp Conversations Screenshot.

This is also a very funny and useful trick to prank your friend easily without doing lots of work. You can easily create Fake Whatsapp Chat between two peoples by using this simple app named as Whatsaid.

Go to This Link and Download Whatsaid.

9. WhatsApp Tricks To Share Video Files With Size More Than 16MB.

WhatsApp does not allow us to send files having the size more than 16MB. For images this size restriction is Good because the size of almost all images are less than 16MB but when we want to share our videos then much time this restriction create a problem for us to share video. For This problem, We are going to use a simple app which will compress your videos to less than 16MB and now you can easily share them on WhatsApp. We will use an app named as Video Compressor to compress our videos before sharing them on WhatsApp. Click Here To Download Video Compressor.

10. WhatsApp Tricks to Transfer WhatsApp Messages From One Phone to Other.

It is not a trick actually we will just copy the WhatsApp data file from one phone to other phone and in this way we can transfer our messages. So, If you are going to change your Mobile thin this method will help yu to migrate your WhatsApp messages to the new phone.

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  • On Old Phone. Go to File Manager and Browse to WhatsApp folder in your SD card.
  • Now Copy Database Folder from your old phone to new phone by using PC or any other file transfer method.
  • Now Install Whatsapp On New phone and put the replace the database folder in WhatsApp folder with the old Database folder.

Now You are done you have transferred your messages from one phone to other this is very power full Whatsapp Tricks.

Final Words.

The Best Whatsapp Tricks that are working in 2015 are listed above. Hope You liked them. If I missed any trick then you can comment below, I will add that trick in the list. If you are facing an issue with any trick then you can comment below.

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