Fix Android File Transfer Not Working on Mac

Transacting files from one gadget to another has become the most convenient way to save the storage of any device. For instance, many people go for android file transfer to move the data from Android to Mac for storage. However, we all are aware of the problem that are people facing due to this software. This software doesn’t work fine on many devices like the Mac computer. 

Therefore, if you are surfing on the web to get the solution to this problem, then you are on the right page. in this article, we will be aware you with all the convenient ways to get rid of this problem occurring on Mac during file transfer.

Reasons why android file transfer not working on iMac:

However, there could be many subtle issues that cause the hindrance in moving android data to Mac and many aspects due to which this issue arises. Therefore, we are here to identify the possible causes of this issue, which will enable you to resolve this issue efficiently.

  • You may not have chosen the option of file transfer on your android gadget.
  • On your Mac PC, you have the smart switch, and Samsung Kies installed already.
  • Your device is not compatible with android file transfer software.
  • Your device may have an incomplete OS upgrade.
  • Existence of “SS_Conn-service” can be another cause of this problem.
  • USB debugging is not enabled on the android device, so it was unable the android file transfer to connect effectively.
  • You are plugging the corrupted USB cable.
  • You have unintentionally damaged the micro USB jack on your device.
  • There could be some apps on your MAC that are interfering in the process of the file transfer.

If you are able to get the reason why your file transfer is not working on your iMac from the above reasons, then continue reading to know how to resolve this issue.

Easy ways to Fix Android File Transfer Not Working Mac

So, now we will reveal the solution of all the issues hindering the process of moving your android files to iMac. To everyone facing this issue will find these solutions very helpful as a game-changer. Continue to read all these solutions:

  • Make sure the android file transfer supports your Mac PC

Before you go ahead to use android file transfer to move your resources to your Mac, make sure you are on the right foot by assessing whether the android file transfer supports your device or not. Your Android should be of 3.0 version and operating system if your Mac should be OS X 10.7 or more than this. Therefore, make sure you have checked the OS version of your devices before going ahead. 

  • Evaluate and check your USB cable 

USB is the key to a successful transfer of your android data to your Mac. Before you begin the process, check your USB cable thoroughly. Your USB cable should be original that comes with your Android device. If you are using a faulty USB cable, it will hinder the smooth transfer of files. So make sure you check your USB cable thoroughly and if you find any issue then replace it as soon as possible.

  • Enable USB Debugging

So, you have a USB that is original and free of any faults, but you are still not getting your file transfer smoothly. Why? Because the USB debugging is off. Therefore, to solve this issue, navigate to ”settings ” of your device, and then enable the USB debugging. If you still get this, you can easily watch a YouTube video on how to enable USB debugging.

  • Enable the right connection type of USB

To make your android phone supported by android file transfer, you need to have a right connection type of  USB other than the USB debugging. So, if you have picked the right sort of connection, you will be able to get your files transferred smoothly.

  • Upgrade MAC OS and Android 

If you don’t update OS it can cause many issues, so, it is better to update OS. To update your Mac OS and Android, you can go to “settings” then click “system” and finally click on “system update.”

  • Get your device free of Samsung Kies and smart switch.

Some tools of android file transfer like a smart switch, and Samsung Kies can also be the major cause of transfer issues. Therefore, if you have this sort of software installed in your Mac book then uninstall them right away to avoid problems that are hindering the file transfer. Once you delete this software from your PC, make sure to restart your PC and then start the file transfer again.

  • Reboot your devices 

It is the most convenient and easy way to reboot your device – mac and Android. Rebooting will smooth the transfer process and will hinder all the issue occurring.

  • Reinstalled the android file transfer tool on iMac 

You can also install the android file transfer any time. Deleting the file transfer and then re-downloading will help you to resolve any problems. Therefore, once you have uninstalled the tool and installed it again, you will connect the device again. Hence, the process will go ahead smoothly then. If it doesn’t work for you, then there could be another problem to any of your devices or USB cable.

  • Find an android file transfer alternative 

Last but the least!

 Let’s suppose that you have tried all the Above mentioned solution for a smooth transfer of android data to your Mac computer and none of them worked out for you. What would you do? You can choose to find a good alternative to android file transfer. One of the best options could be the mac version of MobiKin Assistant for Android.


That was the extensive manual on how to resolve the file transfer issue on iMac. To help you out in this regard, we have saved your precious time by extensively discussing the possible reasons of the issues occurring . after identifying the reasons, we provided you with all the possible and reliable solutions. If nothing works for you, we genuinely recommend you to go for an alternative of android file transfer which could be the quickest wat to resolve the problem

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