Google Launches New Ar Walking Direction in Google Apps

Google has recently launched the expanding feature of the live view. Soon, it will come up with the beta feature to the smartphones supporting IOS and google ARcore through AR kit system of Apple.

The upgraded live view has been experimented on pixel devices initially, enable users to augmented reality in google maps when navigating on foot. You have to pick your device, and the arrow will help you were to go through detailed instructions. You will have a better concept of about the place where you want to be.

When mountain view company confirmed that it’s going to disabled the trips app, the users get disappointed. However, the company has tried its best to launch a new upgraded travel-related feature to the google map.

You just have to type hamburger in the search bar, then click the areas and reservations to see your travel-related details. Choose the place you want to go, and it will show you the must-visit spots, flight reservations, and the hotel relevant to your trip. Google also make sure you can have access to all travel-related details while being offline too. This is a big benefit you can have when you don’t have access to the internet while travelling.

Previous updates of google maps

  • Live speedometer 

In June 2019, Google has released the new feature “speedometer” in google maps. It doesn’t work automatically; you can get access to this feature by going into settings then go to navigation setting and finally hit the speedometer feature.

You may not see this feature if it hasn’t launched in your area since its spreading worldwide in a phased way.

  • Know the most hyped dish of a restaurant 

In May 2019, Google has upgraded the restaurant feature to the tool which allows you to search the most famous dish of a restaurant. Maps use tools that help you to find the reviews and photos from the users which enable you to know the most popular dish of the restaurant. So, it lets you get the best of th best dishes in the restaurant without giving it a second.

Moreover, the best feature is that you can translate the language of reviews. Can’t read the foreign menu? You can easily convert it into your language by using the tool within google lens.

AR navigation in pixel devices 

In May 2019, AR navigation in google maps helps you to navigate on foot by picking your phone up and using the camera having an arrow and other details present into the viewfinder. Through this way, you don’t have to give a second thought of where are you going. You will move into the right direction by using AR direction 

Maps enable you to see if the EV charging station has free ports

In April 2019, Google has announced another amazing feature which allows you to see the space availability of nearby stations online. You don’t need to waste your energy and time to see if the station has free ports or not.

You just need to write “EV charging stations” in the search bar to see the details of the station.

Details of lime scooter and bike rental 

In March 2019, google maps released a new feature which allows you to get the information of lime scooter or bike rentals. It will enable you to see if any bike or vehicle is available and how far it is available. It also gives you the idea of the cost ride, ETA, along with your entire journey.

Other travel-related updates

In October 2018, google addressed that it will soon come up with four latest features in google maps. All the features will focus on how to make your work distance more comfortable, effective, and with a lot of fun.

The four new feature has a new tab of commute and multiple options of commute for different choices of transport for one trip. You can also have access to detailed information about public transit, and immediate access to music with the integration of google play and Spotify.

Google maps introduce new “FOR YOU” tab 

Google is upgrading with a lot of features that allow its users to be creative and innovative. The new “for you” feature will enable you to get out of your comfort zone and try some new stuff. So, the new feature tab “for you” available in google maps allows users to get access to new business and places recommendations nearby. Especially that are new and are most trending as per Google’s data.

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