Hide WhatsApp Images from Gallery

Whatsapp is a giant company in the messaging sector of E-business. You and me many other people uses Whatsapp. It is a really good app for messaging and image, video sharing. All the images which we get on Whatsapp stores on our phone, so we can see it from the Gallery app also. What if you want to hide your WhatsApp Media file(Images and Videos), You can use any app locker to lock your Gallery App. But it is not a perfect solution for this problem anyone in your family or friends can ask your password. This post will tell you how to hide WhatsApp images from gallery.

Now I am going to share a trick. By using that trick, You can Hide your WhatsApp Photos and other Media files without any app and rooting your device. You can access images from Whatsapp.

Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery

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Hide Whatsapp Photos and Videos From Gallery On iPhone

On iPhone, it is very simple to hide WhatsApp images from Gallery. There is an option in setting.
  • Just Go to the Setting in your iPhone.
  • Click on Privacy Button in the setting section.
  • Now after opening Privacy section Click on Photos button.
  • Now it will show you the list of all apps your are using on your iPhone. Find Whatsapp in that list . After finding Whatsapp Just disable it.

Now You are done, WhatsApp images will be hidden in your gallery.

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Hide Whatsapp Images From Gallery on Android

On Android, It is a bit difficult and long process to hide Whatsapp images from the Gallery. It requires a File manager to do this. There are many file managers are available on android, but I recommend you to use ES File explorer because it’s the best.

  1. So First of all go and Install ES File explorer on your Android device. There are many features in this app and No adds also so it will be useful for you even after using completing this trick. Download ES File explorer.
  2. After Downloading and Installing ES file explorer open it and navigate to Whatsapp folder on and then Whatsapp media folder. Just Go to Home >sdcard>WhatsApp > Media.
  3. Now Navigate to Whatsapp Images folder and Click on the + button on the bellow toolbar of ES file explorer. This will open add new file box.
  4. Now in the box write “.nomedia” without quotes and click on OK. A message will arrive on your screen saying that .nomedia has been created.
  5. After doing this, open your Gallery app and see if your Whatsapp images are hidden or not. If it is hidden then you are successful in hiding your Whatsapp images from the gallery.
  6. What if your images are visible in  Gallery. Just go to Setting >App Manager>Gallery. There clear app data of Gallery App. After doing this, your images should be hidden in Gallery.
  7. If you want to Show your Whatsapp images in Gallery. Just Go to Home >sdcard>WhatsApp > Media> Whatsapp Images and delete the “.nomedia” file from there. If you are unable to find “.nomedia” file just enable show hidden files in ES File explorer.  No delete that file and you will be able to find your Whatsapp images on Gallery App.
If you followed the step properly then you will be successful in hiding WhatsApp images and videos from your gallery. Now no one can see your private WhatsApp contents. This method is better than using app locker to lock your Gallery and WhatsApp.
If you face any issue then comment bellow and Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.
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