How Can You Benefit From Updating Windows Remotely?

As the Windows 10 upgrade begins to roll out to users there is a great deal of focus on computer updates. Without a doubt, it can be a really tedious task even if you only have one personal computer, but when you are responsible for an entire network of computers maintaining them can be a nightmare.Windows-8-Logo1

Not only do company IT technicians have to perform major upgrades like the new Windows 10 operating system, but they must also perform regularly patches and updates on a regular basis as and when they are released. Not to mention all of the software and hardware patches that are released from time to time. It can be hard to keep track of it all which is why so many IT specialists are now choosing to update windows remotely. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that remote updates can offer.

Improve Efficiency in Your IT Department

Depending on the size of the computer network that your business uses, maintaining it could potentially be a full-time job for an IT technician who is having to install patches and perform. This means that that member of staff is not going to be available for other IT issues that might arise or that the essential updates end up being delayed while the staff member resolves other IT issues. In addition to this, the technician is going to need access to each terminal on the network in turn which is going to interrupt the users day to day work resulting in an overall decline in employee productivity.

However, if updates and patches are managed remotely the relevant updates can be deployed simultaneously across the entire network remotely. What’s more, the updates can actually be scheduled to be performed at a convenient time, such as out with business hours when it will not interfere with the employees carrying out their tasks.

Keep Your Network Properly Secured

As noted above, sometimes when updates are being performed manually sometimes they end up being pushed to the bottom of the to-do list because other tasks are prioritized. However, given that a large percentage of these updates are actually designed to patch security issues and vulnerabilities this is less than ideal. It is very important to install updates in a timely fashion. When you use automation software to remotely handle these updated they can be scheduled to be performed at a convenient time. This means that the task will not be put off. This means that the network will be more secure and less vulnerable to those security issues that it would have been had the updates been delayed.

Cost Effective Way to Maintain Your Network

Another of the benefits which comes with remotely managing your updates is that it can save on costs. This relates back to the employee efficiency angle. When your employees are working efficiently, you are getting more value from the wage that you are paying them. In addition to this, since your IT technician is going to need much less time to maintain the network which will free them up for other IT based work that is required. This could mean the difference between your business having to hire just a single IT technician or having to build a small team or department. If all of your IT needs can be addressed by just one employee then it is going to be much more cost effective for you and your business.

These are just some of the benefits that come with using automated software to remotely update your computer systems. When you look at these benefits it is likely that you will at least be interested into looking into this type of software in order to make your update and patch management process much more effective.

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