How to Get Free Notification When Your Website is Down

There are plenty of services available that can track your website downtime but you have to money if you want to track multiple domain and SMS alert.In this post i will list two method to monitor your website downtime without paying any money to monitoring services. First is Use Google doc to monitor your website and get free sms and email alerts. Second Service is Usefullping to track your website downtime and get free email alert. 

  • You can use Google Doc to track your website downtime it will send you free SMS alert whenever your website is down. Amit Agarwal top Indian blogger has created a Google Doc script through which you can easily setup website tracking . Click here to see post by Amit to learn website monitoring.
  • Second option is Usefulping.com is another great service to monitor your website downtime without paying any money. The service is in Beta version service polls to your website every minute and if your website is down it will send email to your respective email address. The special part of this service is that you can monitor particular search string or HTML when some things go down you get notification.
  1. Visit to http://usefulping.com/ and URL of website which you want to monitor, HTML or search word if you can keep second field blank and in second field put your email address where you want to get notification. After all  click get notification button to start tracking.
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