How to Recover Deleted Files on Skydrive

Yesterday Microsoft announced that they have added Recycle Bin into SkyDrive so you can recover your deleted data.

SkyDrive is one of the best cloud hosting service that provide 25GB free online storage space to all its users no of the popular similar popular service provide this much of free space. SkyDrive provide many features like faster upload, quicker download and security to your data. Microsoft is working to make its service more usable, faster and secure.  Recently they have added Recycle Bin feature to SkyDrive so you can recover filed those deleted by accident.

RECOMMENDED: Access files and folders in your computer from anywhere using SkyDrive.

Now when you delete files from your Account, SkyDrive Pops message box with UNDO option. You can click UNDO to undo you delete ac

If you deleted you file by accident and forget to UNDO or you have used other app to delete which will not give the undo option. After that you want to recover your files now it is possible. Go to bottom of page and click on Recycle Bin.

Now Select files that you want to restore from recycle bin and then click Restore Button to restore all selected files.

NOTE:  Files you delete to recycle bin will not added to your storage limit. Skydrive Save files in Recycle Bin at least for three days after that they will permanently delete all files from there server.

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