Speed Up Internet Browsing On Chrome for Android

Browser for Android got replaced by Chrome, and it is heavier than the browser and it can be very slow and unresponsive while loading a web page or scrolling. While scrolling you can feel very high frame rate and slow down scrolling because of high memory usage. If you are facing these issues then you can solve all these issue and It will make your experience awesome while browsing the Internet.

In this tutorial, you will know some of the Hidden chrome flags that will speed up internet browsing and speed chrome browser which will smooth up scrolling and remove frame drops.

Maximum tiles for interest area

Change Maximum tiles for interest area chrome flag value from default to 256 or 512. If your device is having less RAM then first change the value from default to 256 and check if you see improvement in speed. If your device is having RAM 1GB or above then change the value to 512.

Paste this URL chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area into your chrome and change value and Relaunch chrome to apply changes.
This is a hidden flag in chrome which support Android, Windows, Chrome OS, Mac, and IOS. When this flag is set to default chrome uses around 128mb of RAM which slow down chrome as it requires more RAM when you change the value to 256 or 512 you are giving it more RAM which will speed up chrome and decrease frame rate and smooth up the scrolling.

Make pages load Faster

Chrome has Data compression feature that will relatively speed of page loading and reduce your mobile data usage.The latest chrome for Android and IOS have this feature that reduces Data usage and make load pages faster. When you enable this feature all you HTTP traffic forwarded from Google Data compression proxy servers. That compress pages and remove the unwanted thing and convert images to webp format (which decreases images size.
To enable this feature go to Settings>Bandwidth Management and check Reduce Data usage. Now all your HTTP traffic except HTTPS go so Google spdy proxy server.

Enable Offline Mode

When you enable this chrome flag it will store the cached version of web pages into local storage.When you send the request to the web page you already visited chrome try to complete request from cached local storage which make web pages load faster in chrome.
Go to chrome://flags/ and search for Enable Offline Cache Mode and click enable link and then Relaunch chrome to apply changes.
Enable Offline Cache Mode Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android

Reads from web resources when the source is unavailable will be satisfied from available stale cache entries. #enable-offline-mode

If you apply all the above step properly, You will feel improvements in your Google Chrome Experience. It will make the chrome more responsive and fast. If you applied this tricks then share your experience in comment section.

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