How To Watch Age Restricted Videos on YouTube Without Signing In

YouTube is the best and online videos streaming site. YouTube contains tons of videos and everyone can watch something that he/she likes. There are tons of music videos some movies and different videos like pranks and many others. Youtube is an awesome place to hang out and spend some time. As Youtube is owned by Google and a public platform they don’t support porn but small sexual and contents are allowed but you should log in in Youtube by using your google account to watch them. This post is about how to watch age-restricted videos on youtube.

If you come across when some Youtube videos require you to Signing with Google account to verify your Age. Youtube videos that contain explicit content that is Not Safe for age below 18 for any reason require signing in to verify user age. So if you want to Bypass Youtube Age restriction without Signing into Google account then there is a small trick that will Bypass verification process without Signing in. Reason to Bypass verification process can be many so let not discuss it and move to trick of how to watch age-restricted videos on youtube. Read our other article iPhoto for PC

Follow Bellow steps to watch Age Restricted Videos on Youtube.

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how-to-watch-age-restricted-videos-on -youtube
For Example URL of this Youtube video that requires age verification because the video contains scenes that are not child safe.
So to Bypass the age verification process do some changes to the above URL and make it look like below the URL and then load video with new URL.
Do exact changes need to be done to stop age verification, Remove watch? and replace with /  
This newly created URL will redirect you to new URL (  and start your Youtube video with resized Youtube video player that will fill whole page space.
how-to-watch-age-restricted-videos-on -youtube

Bonus Tip

There is also Bookmark available that you keep in your browser Bookmark bar and click on it whenever you come in a similar situation. This will make your task a lot easier and Handy to perform.
Just Drag and Drop below Bookmark to your Browser.

Source for Trick and Bookmark: Tired of Signing in /Signing out for youtube age Verification

2nd Trick to Watch Age Restricted Videos on YouTube.

If the above method doesn’t work for you. Then there is another method on how to watch age-restricted videos on youtube. If a site embeds an Age-restricted video on his site then you will not require to login to watch this video. It is a small loophole of Youtube’s age restriction method. A site named as NSFWYouTbe helps you to use this loophole to watch age-restricted videos. NSFWYouTube is a simple web app that allows you to watch age-restricted videos. This site does not need any Login and is simple to use how to watch age-restricted videos on youtube.

How To Use NSFWYouTube to Watch Age Restricted Videos Without Login.

It is a simple method. Just add NSFW in the start of the blocked URL and then hit enter. This will lead you to NSFWYouTube and your video will be embedded there and you can watch it without any login.

For Example, You want to watch bellow YouTube Videos.


Change The Link To Bellow.


how-to-watch-age-restricted-videos-on -youtube

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