Use Portable Virtualbox to Run VirtualBox From Thumb Drive

Portable applications allow you to carry your software and configurations in flash drive. Where ever you go you don’t have to install your software and configure according to your flavor. Just install your application portable version in your USB drive plug it in new PC and you are ready to go with your Programs and settings.But you can’t install any application into USB sticky and it won’t work in any other computer. Because application requires Windows kernel files, create a new entry into Windows registry. Similarly, VirtualBox requires Windows Kernel files and registry to work so can’t be installed in USB drive and run in any computer.

Portable VirtualBox is free and open source software that is the wrapper for Oracle VirtualBox software. It makes Oracle VirtualBox Portable virtual machine software. Just download and launch Virtualbox Portable and it will install all required drivers and extensions in USB drive. After that, You can install any OS in VirtualBox and you have your Virtual machine with you. You can plug in your pen drive in any windows computer and start your virtual machine from USB sticky with few click without installing any software.

Steps For Installing VirtualBox Portable USB Drive

 First download VirtualBox Portable installer from its website and lunch downloaded exe file. It will ask you location to extract files, you can extract it anywhere in your computer or simply extract it to your thumb drive.
Copy the extracted folder to USB drive and then lunch Portable-VirtualBox.exe file and click Download installation files of Virtualbox software button or if you already have Oracle VirtualBox software then specify the location for the file using  search Button. After the download completes select type of installation like 32-bit or 64-bit and Press Ok button.

If you have checked Start Portable-VirtualBox after the extract and compress. Then it will automatically launch Virtualbox after installation or you can manually do that by launching Portable VirtualBox exe in USB drive.


Now you can install any OS in VirtualBox and it will store all VM files into USB drive and you can have your Virtual OS anywhere with you. Just plug USB and lunch Portable VirtualBox and start using your virtual machine.

By Default Network and USB support is disabled in VirtualBox Portable. To enable network support right click on portable VirtualBox software system tray icon and click setting or simply press CTRL+5 key. Go to Network tab and select start VirtualBox with network support option and click Save. Changes to take effect exit portable software and lunch again to enable new changes.


Before removing USB drive make sure to exit Portable VirtualBox and use Safe to remove the option to confirm your USB is not getting used by other processes. If you remove USB without safety it may corrupt your Virtual machine files.

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