Rainierland Reviews – Is it Safe for Watching Movies?

Not everyone is attending a party Friday night; some crave for a quiet, peaceful night in bed watching re-runs of their favorite show/movie. Binge-watching is not only entertainment, but it is also an addiction and hobby for a few people. There are shows and films often restricted to particular sites that may not work in their region or require a monthly fee. People are always in search of a website that rids them of the hassle of paying or borrowing a friend’s account to watch the trending show.

Rainierland – Watch Movies Online for Free

If you’re one of these people, Rainierland is your safe haven. Rainierland allows you to experience good video content and HD quality of different TV shows under various genres for free. Now, this is an offer you probably can’t deny. It is a site named after its founder Rainier Tamayo, although the Rainierland official site can be searched by many different names. The site, other than being a free portal, also provides the following features.

  • Rainierland, unlike other popular and much-used sites like Hulu and Netflix, is entirely free of cost; no initial subscription fees, no free trials, no insecurity of your personal account details being hacked into. Rainierland offers free movies and shows whether for download or watching online. This is got to be one of the top reasons why Rainierland gained so much recognition over a relatively shorter period.
  • Rainierland movies online promise its viewers HD quality videos with the guarantee of no color issues or compromise on quality later on.
  • This site proves to be extremely user-friendly, something any binge-watcher would not say no to. The features allow its audience to watch their favorite shows with a simple click and search option.
  • There’s probably nothing more frustrating than irrelevant ads popping up time and again during an exciting scene of your favorite show. Rainierland took notice and allows its users to enjoy their shows and movies without interference and disturbance.
  • With quality, Rainierland also provides the latest updates and fresh content. Their Rainierland collection is regularly updated so that the viewers can watch the latest shows and movies as soon as possible.
  • It allows you to watch all the trending and popular shows and movies like American Sniper, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, etc.
  • The site goes by different search names and is known to offer all genre-based movies and shows.

Is Rainierland Legal?

Is Rainierland Legal?

However, it was soon revealed that the site was being illegally run, and the owner, Rainier Tamayo, was allegedly arrested in 2016, following the discontinuation of the website. Rainierland was down according to some sources, but it looks like some are making efforts running the site illegally and undercover. If you happen to be accessing the site or using it, you will, unfortunately, be notorious in the cyber law unit. Considering that the site had gained millions of viewers in some areas, people are not really ready to let the site die. Rainierland.com movies have recently resurfaced as Lunchflix.com and are operational. It has all the latest videos available to watch and stream online without an issue.

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How to watch movies on Rainierland?

There are a bunch of streaming platforms online, but Rainierland 2019 is one of the best out there. It offers a wide range of movies collection that you can easily access. The movies and tv series are arranged according to genres, and you can easily find what you want to watch. Choose from the list of movies or search for the specific film you are looking for and easily access them without any trouble. Watch free videos on Rainierland.com in HD Quality for free. For more convenience, you can also use the Rainierland movie app.

Sites like Rainierland

Now that Rainierland is not being used so openly, people are searching for similar sites. Are there any worthwhile alternatives? Where do these binge-watchers find their salvage? There are a few alternate sites that people can use if they want to surf safe and enjoy their shows.


Solar movie

This site is ideal to find all your favorite latest shows and movies. SolarMovie has become a popular site because it changes its domain every time government blocks their domain.



Putlocker is another reliable site to watch shows and movies. This site also changes its domain each time their domain is blocked. Due to its safe streaming options it has gained popularity. Moreover, Putlocker does not require any initial registration charges when downloading movies. If, in any case, you find this site down there are some great puller options as alternatives and if Putlocker is blocked in your country, the Putlocker proxy allows you to access the site.



This site is one of the finest and popular site for streaming movies and videos. The movies and shows are organized in categories and objectionable advertisements is going to be the least of your worries. If necessary, you can use adblocker to remove advertisements on the website. Moreover, the collection of movies here date back to very old movies as well.



This site is not really the most popular because it lacks latest collection of movies and shows but if you’re looking for old movies in great quality, movies 4k is the place you need to be.



This site has the latest movies and tv series updated regularly. The videos are arranged and categorized by genre, making it easier to find what you want to watch. However, like Rainierland, Movies123.watch is illegal, and the domain name keeps on changing. You might experience tons of popup ads, and you can use an adblocker to avoid them.


Despite being one of the most famous free movie streaming websites out there, Rainerland is still an illegal website. It is currently being run under the name Lunchflix, and there is no saying when this domain will change too. However, Rainierland has the latest movies and tv series up to date for you to watch online in HD Quality for free.


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