How to Restore Firefox Addon Bar in New Australia Theme Firefox

Firefox 29 released update for Windows,Mac,Linux  and Android with Australia UI for all. They have added lots of new features and allow users to customize and personalize their browser according to their need. New Tab style, new sync technology, completely new UI change at the same time they have removed Firefox addon bar.

Firefox removed Firefox addon bar and you can have you addon button on right side of URL Bar after search box. But some of the addon fails or become unusable without addon bar. For Example Nagios Firefox addon which show status of your servers from your Nagios server. It uses Firefox addon bar to show notification and status of server process.

But after Firefox new update Nagios Firefox plugin becomes unusable because it can only work on addon bar. So there are many Firefox addon that require addon bar to work properly with full feature.

The Addon Bar for Firefox restores addon bar on new Firefox with Australia theme. It restores Firefox addon bar thus make all your favorite addon to work specially addons that take more space. Two of my Favorite addons Nagios checker and Forecast whether Icon start working after adding this addon.

Download and add The Addon Bar into Firefox browser and all your old addons that require more space or addon bar will start working. This is really helpful for your favorite addon that is must have for you.

Source of addon is open and available on Github and for any issues and feature use Github issue page to report.

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