3 Ways Run Android Apps On PC – Infographic

I have seen many articles on how to run Android apps on PC. After analyzing many articles I found that there are mainly 3 ways to use Android apps on PC. They Are: Using with Bluestacks or Using any Android Emulator and last is by using Chrome Browser. These three are really very different method than each other. My personal favorite is Bluestacks because it is very professionally designed and it User interface is awesome too. Bluestack is no buggy as other methods are buggy also. The most Buggy and irritating option is Chrome because many apps don’t run on that, but the advantage of Chrome is that you don’t need to install any extra software to your PC. Android Emulator is also a Good option but almost all android emulators are containing major bugs, but if you want to run Root Access required app, then Android Emulators are for you to run android apps on PC.

How To Run Android Apps On PC

As I mentioned Above there are three Methods. First and Best is Bluestacks but if it doesn’t work for you then you can try Android Emulators and last method is to use Chrome Browser. These are three ways to run Android apps on PC.

Run Android Apps On Windows with Blue stacks


Using Bluetacks is very Easy just download it from Official site and Install it on your PC and now You are ready to use Android apps on PC. This really very useful software as it saves your progress of the app usage so next time when you start your apps, then it will open where you left it last time in Chrome Browser you can’t do this. Bluestack is the best software to run Android apps on PC for you.

Here is The Download Link.

Run Android Apps On PC with Android Emulators

Android Emulators are just replicating of an Android phone. It simply means You can Run Android OS on Windows, Mac or Ubuntu Computers. This method is really very useful because Bluestacks doesn’t work on Ubuntu Computers. You can Also Root some Emulators and Root only apps. This method can used to use Root Required apps when you don’t want to root your phone.

It’s not that much simple to run Android apps on PC with emulators because they contain some extra steps after installing them. There are many Emulators Available SO, I  am adding a list of top 7 android emulators bellow which will help you to choose which is best for you. Use any of Emulator to run Android apps on PC.

The steps are almost same as Bluestacks only. Download Android Emulators and install them. Now your Android Emulator is ready for use. Some emulators come with Google Play store, but some don’t add play store to there Emulators.

So if your Emulator is having play store, then you can Setup your Google Account then start using your apps. If your Android Emulator is not come with Google Play Store then just Download Apk File of required app and install that app.

Run Android Apps On PC with Chrome Browser

5 Unique Features of Chrome You should Use


The Best Benefits of using Chrome Browser is You don’t need to install an extra software and this method works on all OS like Windows, Ubuntu. Linux, Mac, etc. But this method doesn’t guarantee you that you will be successful in using Android apps for sure. Because it is not designed by Google. Some developers Created this for Chrome Browser this feature is Developed only For Chrome OS. Chrome OS is used in Chrome Books which rarely peoples buy. Using the Chrome browser to run android apps on PC is toughest way to run Android apps on PC.

The Procedure is Bit Different than above two methods. Follow the Bellow Steps to And use Android apps on Windows with chrome browser.

  1. Go To this link and install ARC welder on You Chrome Browser as an Extension.
  2. Once Installed, Open New tab and click on “Apps” Button from your Book mark Bar. There You will see ARC welder click on it.
  3. After Launching ARC Welder, You will See A welcome message and after that You will get an option to add APK file of the App which you want to run.
  4. Now Click on “+” button and navigate to the APK file and open it. Now you will be able to some Questions.  If you don’t want to mess anything then keep the all setting to default only and Click on “Launch App” Button.
  5. Now Your App Should Be running. Google Chrome not runs all apps so your App may not be working.

Here Is detailed Guide on How To Run Android Apps on Windows With Chrome Browser.

Run Android Apps On PC – Infographic


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