Samsung Galaxy S10 Review: Best Smartphone Of The Era

The new version of Samsung Galaxy S10 is the refined formula of the amazing Note9 and S9 devices. It is incredible by look, easy to use, and hits every mark. It might be costly to buy, but it is worth paying for.

This is the best time to be a smartphone freak. Brands such as Huawei, Google, Nokia, and Samsung all are fighting a battle to create powerful and beautiful devices that are stuffed with amazing features.  

Samsung is prominent in this area, and its recent flagship is the most advanced right now. The features of this newest flagship device include the triple-lens camera and a sleek edge to edge display. The unique feature is that it feels like a fresh breath air after its underwhelming predecessor. 

Samsung Galaxy S10: Design

Samsung Galaxy S10: Design

It’s easy to accept that the looks of the Galaxy are premium.

It’s hard to deny that the Galaxy S10 looks every inch the premium device. With its sleek Gorilla Glass 5 back and attractive trim of chrome effect, it dictates sophistication. The edge to edge display is the real show-stopper. Thanks, physical home button elimination, the s8’s screen spread to the beneath. But now Samsung has gone far better and removed the strip of the screen top too.

It has eliminated by pinhole the camera cutout instead of the famous notch. So, we have to admit that it’s a tricky and smart design. The outcome is the Galaxy S10 device, which looks breathtakingly beautiful. It is quite identical to Galaxy Note 9, but it seems like the better version of Galaxy Note 9.

It is available in a variety of six colors, and it’s probably the broadest range of colors on a smartphone since the iPhone 5C had a range of 4 colors.

The S10 is a device with slightly lower thickness and weight that its predecessor, but it has a larger footprint.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Display

Samsung Galaxy S10: Display

As mention earlier, the display looks breathtaking. In displaying technology for decades, Samsung has been a leading company, so this shouldn’t be a shock, but it’s impressive as usual. The S10 has the signature curved-edge AMOLED panel of Samsung, with a 1,440 x 3,040 resolution across 6.1 in for around 550ppi total pixel density. The quality of technology is impressive with accurate colors and an amazing SRGB coverage of 99%. The amazing high brightness of 1,024cd/m2 makes sure that you will never try hard to see what’s on your screen. HDR video content is amazing with the latest HDR10+ technology.

So, what’s going to conclude is that the display is entirely phenomenal. Many devices have high resolutions, but not like this one. Samsung also makes you balance the screen. 

Samsung Galaxy S10: Hardware and Specs

Discussing the performance and hardware of a flagship device is not that necessary. Any advanced flagship device is always guaranteed to be more than quick enough to maintain anything you are doing with the device. So, the performance is still the best.

The feature of European Galaxy S10 version has Exynos 9820 SOC, and an 8nm octa-core CPU fixated with 8GB of RAM. High-quality performance with geek bench four tests dictating that the S10 is actually on par with S10+. It also works as full desktop through the feature of DeX.

Samsung Galaxy S10 review: Battery life

While the performance of hardware can be a debatable point, but battery life maybe not. The batteries have tolls, which gets extreme as the device get more powerful and slimmer so, the efficiency of power is crucial if a manufacturer needs to guarantee the charge of a full day.

In this regard, Samsung has narrowed that in a 3,400mAh battery, which is roughly the increase of 10% over the capacity of S9 battery. It requires some time and works to optimize how the battery is utilizing the capacity as cleared by the outcome of 17hrs 44mins in the battery tests.

Not only it has 3 hours longer battery, better than S9’s. But, it is also higher than the battery life of S7, which is the high-water mark for the Samsung company. Along with the excellent battery life, it has additional features related to charging, including wireless sharing of power and 15W fast charging. You can also use it as a battery bank to charge other gadgets. However, this feature is only useful in emergencies as it functions over a wireless connection.

Samsung Galaxy S10 review: Camera

Galaxy S10 Camera

The edge to edge may be the most prominent feature of S10, but its camera is the crowning glory. The triple-lenses camera with 26-megapixel broad-angle lenses and a 12-megapixel, 2x lens of telephoto, along with the dual aperture lens of 12-megapixel brought from S9.

This camera set up provides impressive results with amazing exposure and enhanced detailing of captures. The zoom functions of long distance can match the amazing 5x optical zoom of P30 Pro. However, the camera is overall the outstanding feature.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Features and ports 

Unsurprisingly, the flagship Galaxy S10 is loaded with additional features that have already introduced. The long-term features like increasing storage by micro SD, waterproofing. Both are present in S10 with additional features like in-display fingerprinter reader “ultrasonic,” which helps in biometric authentication using face recognition. Other features include stereo speakers, DE mode to use it with a keyboard or desktop mode.

Samsung Galaxy S10 review: Conclusion 

As always, Samsung has been dominant in producing exemplary smartphones. Galaxy S10 is an amazing phone with an outstanding camera and edge to edge display. There are very fewer things to dislike. However, it is increasingly costly with additional tax while google pixel 3a is better than it with minimal cost. But S10 is an amazing option if you can afford it. But if you are looking for cheaper premium devices. There could be many options with similar features.

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