Samsung Note 10 Range: Everything You Need to Know

Samsung, the well-known and debatable developer of mobile devices, has recently come up with the Samsung Note 10 and Note 10 plus. This is probably the first time Samsung is launching two-Note devices. Unlike your expectations, the size of both devices is different. The regular Note 10 is smaller in size then Note 9. Whereas, the Note plus 10 is bigger than the predecessor.

Size isn’t mainly the one difference. There are many differences despite they both are sleek and modern by look. The Note 10 plus has some additional features where regular Note 10 lacks. Both have some unique features than the predecessor, including integration to window’s pc and Microsoft apps. Moreover, the unique features both carries is the setup of the triple-lens with top tier specs.

Check out the review of both Samsung Note devices. Continue reading to know the prices and deals from different carriers of both Note devices. 

To help you, we have shed light on everything you need to know.

Design and Display

Samsung Note 10 Design

The look and feel of Note 10 and Note 10 plus are significantly different than the Note 9. This begins with delicate aura shades the recent Notes have. These shades include Aura white, Aura glow, Aura black, and a and the best exclusive aura blue of Note 10 plus only gives you the first impression of a new flashy design. But the Note is present in two different sizes.

The design of Note 10 has 6.3-inch FHD+ (2,280 x 1,080) display it is just a less screen of a tenth of an inch. The display of Note 10 plus can carry a 6.8-inch Quad HD+ (3,040 x 1,440) despite being only slightly wider and taller than its predecessor Note 9. Both crams the same display of dynamic AMOLED technology as the range of S10 and is certified of HDR10+.

There is a change in fingerprint sensor to the application of an ultrasonic in-screen sensor of fingerprints which is adding to a unique look, and the edges are way too rounded.

One other design change to Note is the loss of the 3.5mm headphone jack, which Samsung said was done in the name of fitting a bigger battery in a smaller frame. Though the box has USB-C AKG earphones along with USB-C to 3.5mm dongle

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Refined S pen


The S pen has also gone through some remodellings with some new features and bevelled edges. Gestures brought by the S pen for changing modes of the camera, clicking the picture and even zooming the lens with the wrist flick.

You can also draw faces of people in augmented reality using recent doodles application.

DEX enhancements and Microsoft collaborations

Collaborating with Microsoft, Samsung has added the new feature of transcribing handwritten records to MS word documents. The transcriptions feature is trained in almost 62 languages and a lot of writing samples by Samsung and can be shared as an editable PDF, Microsoft Word documents, or an image. 

This partnership of Samsung with Microsoft is also going to reduce the long-standing gap between windows devices and android phones. Like iPhone and MacBook’s, the Note 10 devices will be able to show messages, notifications, function to see recent picture and screen mirroring to your windows PC. This is developed in the phone setting system of the Note 10 and Note 10 plus.

Bolstered support is also given to Samsung. Samsung is now able to release on windows laptop or MacBook by directly plugging the device in via standard cable of UBS. No data is saved on the computer, and there is no requirement of additional applications. Before, DeX could only be launched with a keyboard, monitor, and peripherals of the mouse. 

5G and gaming

There are many other Samsung and Microsoft collaborations. This collaboration has the Note 10 users to play their computer games to their phones. The feature allows you to play your game into your device.  This feature is called a play galaxy link, and the Samsung company has shown the process to use this feature as well. To use play galaxy feature, a durable and fast internet connection is required, and both of the new Note range doesn’t have access to 5G. You need to spend more cash to get access to 5g for your Note 10 plus. 

Another unique feature is called game booster, which allows you to improve your gaming experience by monitoring your gaming habits and performance of your phone. There is also a screen recorder feature which allows you to record the video of your game to share on social sites.

Battery and specs


The spec keys will allow you to find the difference between the Note 10 and Note 10 plus while both are supported by Qualcomm’s snapdragon 855. The Note 10 possess 8GB and Note 10 plus has 12GB. Storage also indicates some differences. Both new Note ranges begin at 256 GB. The 256 GB is the ending and starting storage of Note 10 with no option of setting up for built-in storage and no way for storage of MicroSD card. 

The Note 10 range has similar megapixel and three lenses as the set-up of S10, with a 12-megapixel telephoto lens, 12-megapixel main lens and a 16-megapixel lens of ultra-wide-angle.

With these devices, you have a single selfie lens with a narrower aperture and 10megapixel sensor. But, the feature of selfie night mode will help you to enable low light when you prefer it. 

For video clip recording, both Note 10 devices have enhanced the super steady mode and incorporate it into the hype lapse feature while trying live focus recording from the S10 5G. This feature is supported by time of flight sensor at Note 10 plus’s back, which is not present in Note 10. The implementation of Note 10 is a software base though the feature is present on both.

Last but not least, the Note 10 range also has a feature of Zoom-IN-mic which zooms the sound on the subject you have and speed in the effect when you zoom in it.

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