How To Boost Windows 8 & 8.1 Performance No Extra Software

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are the latest and new operating systems from Microsoft. There are several users of Windows 8 and they are facing some problems related to the PC speed or high ram and disk usage. Windows XP was one of the best OS at last Microsoft announced to end the support of Windows XP. After this step of Microsoft, many users are moving toward Windows 8 with their old hardware. The old hardware is the major problem for low speed. So this post is all about how to boost windows 8 performance.

As you know Windows 8 is most advanced OS of Microsoft so it come with many useless features which are not commonly used by many users.  These useful features are decreasing the performance of your PC. What can You do to make your Windows 8 faster, Stopping those unnecessary features will help you to boost your PC’s speed.

I have one PC running on windows 8 with only 2GB of ram. I found that task manager is showing 100%  disk usage, so searched for this problem and cleared that. After that, I stopped many unnecessary services which made a good effect on the speed of my PC.

Steps To Boost Windows 8 Performance?

Boost Performance

Stop Windows Indexing To Boost Windows 8.1 Performance

If you are seeing 100% disk usage in task manager then you have to stop this feature.  Windows Index always index all of your files.This results into a fast search result. If you are going turn off this feature you have to face a slow search result.

  • Press Windows+R and type “services.msc” and press enter.
  • Now find Windows Search and Double click to view service property.
  • Now Just disable this feature.

Stop Unnecessary Startup Programs

Disabling startup programs  will help you to boot so faster than ever. In Windows 8, managing start programs in Windows 8 is very easy. Just you have to go to task manager and then start up tab.

Disable Animation To Increase Performance

I think you may have noticed that windows 8 show a lot of animation when you minimize, maximize or open a new program. Closing this animation will lead you to a better speed. If you are closing all the animation then you will be able to find a change in font of you are computer and this may disturb you.
  • First Press Windows +R and then type “SystemPropertiesAdvanced” and then press enter.
  • After this step, you will be able to see System Properties now click  on Advanced tab and the Settings button.
  • I will recommend you to choose custom animation because some animation makes a big impact on your screen.

Disable Unnecessary services.

Disabling unnecessary programs will help you to reduce ram usage and a fast PC. I will recommend you not to close all the programs. First Find which program is not useful for you then only close.
  • Press Windows+R button and the type “msconfig” and then enter.
  • Now system configuration tab will open. Now click on services tab and uncheck the services which you want to close.I will recommend you to turn off third party services like adobe update, Google update, Mozilla maintenance.
  • Don’t Disable all The things this may disturb your internet and sound settings so just disable third party services. After disabling services click on apply and the Ok button. After this windows will as you to restart your PC.
Now all the steps are completed. Just restart your PC and enjoy your Fast PC.
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