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Spotify is one of the best Music streaming app, we all love Spotify. Even a small change in Color of Spotify can make users go mad and post tons of tweets on twitter. There are many  awesome features in Spotify, these features are the reason that we all love Spotify.

Chromecast is tiny, affordable HDMI stick which helps you to stream your favorite content on Big Screen. This the reason for the success of Chromecast By Google. It uses the apps on your Mobiles or Computer, Laptop to stream the content on Big screen using Chromecast. It is a very helpful device for many reasons. This post is about Spotify Chromecast.

What Is The Problem With Spotify & Chromecast?

The problem starts when you want to stream your Spotify music on your TV using Chromecast. The problem is because Spotify do not support streaming using Chromecast natively. Spotify with Chromecast becomes very helpful combination when you host a party on your home and want to use Spotify as DJ. Your friends can also connect to your Chromecast to play their favorite track.

There are several apps which will help you to stream your Spotify music on Your Chromecast TV. I am going to tell you best app for Android and iPhone to complete this task.

Stream Spotify on Chromecast TV for Android Smartphones.

For Android phones, there is a simple app that will help you to solve this issue. You just need to install Spoticast, connect your Spotify account and you are done you do not need to do anything else. Just start playing the song on Chromecast.

  1. Go to Google Play store and Download Spoticast on your phone.
  2. Once Installed, Open Spoticast and Connect your Spotify account.
  3. Now, On the top corner click on “Cast” Icon. Select your Chromecast device. From the next time, Spoticsat will try to connect to your Chromecast device automatically.
  4. It’s time to launch Spotify. You can click on the Spoticast Logo to launch Spotify.
  5. Now, You are connected to Chromecast successfully. It will take few setting and you will be able to see the song’s Details on your TV.
  6. To stop it, Just open Spoticast and click on Chromecast icon and choose Disconnect or Exit(Exit is recommended). If you use exit, next time it will connect it automatically next time.

There is a small problem in Spoticast, It plays Audio from your Phone also. For that go to setting on Spoticast and select auto mute options.

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There is one more app named as Qcast which comes with tons of features. I am explaining about it in iPhone section, You can take a look bellow.

Stream Spotify on Chromecast TV for iPhone.

For, iPhone users only one App is available. Its name is QCast. QCast is an awesome app which will help stream Spotify music on Chromecast TV. This is not a simple app, It comes with lots of useful features which is  very helpful.

Bellow are the features of QCast which you will love.

  1. This app will not only work with Spotify and Google Play Music.
  2. Listen via Web: It is helpful when you are not having Chromecast. This is awesome because you can share the URL provide by the app to your friends and you all can listen to the same song at the same time from different places.
  3. Party Mode: This feature will help you when you are Hosting any party. Ask your friends to install this app. Then select “Enter Party Code” and input the code provided above the playlist on Chromecast screen. Now your friends will be able to contribute the music without having Spotify account.
  4. The presentation of QCast on your Chromecast screen. You will love your Chromecast screen.

Install and Setup QCast on iPhone (Android users Setup is same).

  1. Download QCast and Install it. Apple Store and Android Play Store.
  2. After installing open the app and click on “+” icon in upper corner and select the service you want to use.
  3. Select the Chromecast device where you want to cast the screen. Alternatively you can use “Listen Via Web” feature. With this feature, you can listen to the music on a device with  an internet connection.
  4. Add the songs which you want to play. Just click on the Search icon in upper corner and add the song which you want to play. Just click on the Plus button on songs and they will be ready to stream on Chromecast or Web.
  5. If you want to add in of your friend to the list, tell them to click on “Enter Party Code”, Input the coded provided the screen of Chromecast or above the playlist on your device.

Video On How To Use QCast to stream Spotify on Chromecast TV.

Now, Enjoy the music. I have covered both apps which complete this task. If you are having any other app or facing any issue Comment bellow. If you like this article, Share it with your friends.

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