How Can In Close Or Switch Apps On IPhone X, XR And XS

If you are switching from android to IOS or you are using IOS for the first time, you may get confused about home screen, switching apps, close apps and other functions associated with a home the past ten years, the center of iPhone navigation was the home button present in the bottom down of the iPhone. This means that no matter which app you are using or where you are watching a video, you can always switch back to the home screen by clicking home one or more than one time. But, the features of the iPhone are not the same anymore since the day Apple launched the iPhone X series. When we have come in the post home button era, many functions have been transformed.

Recently, apple replacing the home button has come up with a navigation area that is a fluid gesture base to make space for an edge to edge screen that is recently introduced in the iPhone X. The same developed in the various variants of the iPhone X such as iPhone XS, XS Max, and variants of XR. In case you are thinking about how to close apps or where is the App switcher on your iPhone XR when there is no longer home button in iPhone, I have outlined the basic guidelines to switch or close an app on iPhone X variants. Continue reading for the detailed information.

How to close and switch apps on iPhone XR


To begin, you have to bring the preview list of multitasking of recently used app or an app switcher on your iPhone. Here is the guideline on how to do it :

You are no longer intend to go for the firm shape of 3D touch or double-tap the home button. However, you will only have to for this updated gesture:

  • There is a gesture area situated at the bottom of the iPhone display, and you need to touch the gesture area by your finger.
  • After that, slightly swipe up to bring up the fast app switcher of multitasking.
  • Continually keep the finger on the bottom of the screen till you have a short way and after that pull away from it.

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Below are the steps to close apps on the iPhone X :

  • Keep your finger at the bottom of the display in the gesture area.
  • Slight swipe and wait for few seconds till the app switcher bring up.
  • Then swipe up slightly on the app card to close the app.

If you want to close all the apps on the background of the iPhone, you can quickly close multiple applications at once. Here’s how you can do this :

  • By swiping up the gesture area on the screen bottom, bring up the app switcher and pause your finger on screen for few seconds and after that remove it immediately.
  • When app cards or app preview appear, put two fingers on two app previews and immediately swipe up to remove them from the iPhone background. 
  • You can also move from one app way to right side to see the third app preview and keep your there fingers on the app previews to shut down the three apps.

Apple only suggests you to force shut down an app if your phone crashes down or need to restart it if the app is not functioning properly.  The applications present in an app switcher are on hibernation and doesn’t use any resource of your device. Many people consider that force closing an application will save the battery life of your phone, but it is just a random thought. The apple company suggests that you only need to force close the applications if they aren’t working properly. Moreover, it doesn’t contribute in the battery life of an iPhone.

The plus points of closing background applications on iPhone

When there is a lot of application working on the background of your iPhone, you may feel your phone working slow or sluggish. There could be many reasons for your phone working slow, and one of the major cause is the previews of various apps on the phone background.

Keep in mind that when you switch from one app to another, it will not shut the past applications you were using. It will be stated in the iPhone background utilizing the iPhone resources like GPU, CPU and RAM. Mobile phones have evolved as tablets, but they have their own limitations. So, if there are a lot of applications stated in the phone backgrounds will eventually slow down your, you have to be habitual of closing apps regularly.

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We hope that this manual of closing and switching apps on iPhone x and its variant helped you un every possible way. Please help us to aware people about this guide by sharing this post to your family, contacts and friends.

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