Track Dropbox Downloads with Orangedox

Dropbox is one of the most used cloud storage services. Many of us use Dropbox for file storage as well as file sharing. Dropbox offers a folder named  as “Public” folder where you can put yours, those files which you want to share. Most of us use this folder to share files with a friend, family and our colleagues or with any other. I am as blogger use this folder to share my files with my readers and sometimes with friends also. After using some tools online, I found an awesome and useful tool to track Dropbox downloads. is a site which gives you an option to track your files to download. If you want to track much time your file has been downloaded. Dropbox makes the process of tracking your shared files from Dropbox. You will get Graph analytic report for your file shared from Dropbox account. Use to track DropBox downloads.

If you do not want to make any account for doing this work then also you can also track Dropbox downloads. The next method to achieve our goal is using popular link shortening service. OrangeBox is also a link shortening services only. They short your Dropbox URL and when you shared the shorted URL they track it. But Orangebox is better than other URL shorteners because it is totally dedicated to Dropbox and they represent the results in well manner. But the modern Link shorteners are also giving good competition to Orange box. The best link shortening services for us id and By search engine giant Google), They are providing awesome tracking results also read how to install WhatsApp for nexus 7.

So, Bellow listed method are best for tracking DropBox Downloads.

Use OrangeBox. A dedicated service to find DropBox Downloads number.
  1. Use Link shortener service to track DropBox downloads of your files.

Use OrangeBox To Track Dropbox Downloads.

  •  Go to this link and click on sign up with Dropbox button.

Track Dropbox Downloads with Orangedox 1

  • Once you log in you will be able to see your files and folders of Dropbox. Now navigate to your desired file and click on it.
Track Dropbox Downloads with Orangedox 2
  • Once you opened your file then click on “New Share Link” button to create a new link and you are ready to.
Track Dropbox Downloads with Orangedox 3
  • Now after this step a menu will  pop up where you have to give a label for that file. In this step, You can choose the file URL type like short URL or custom URL. But Short Link and Custom Link feature is only available for Premium users only. Now click on create a button to create the custom link which you can share anywhere on the  web. This is the most important step to track DropBox downloads.

Track Dropbox Downloads with Orangedox 4

  • Share this URL with anyone now when someone will access or Download a file using your link. They get tracked and you will get a number of times your file Downloaded.

Track Dropbox Downloads with Orangedox 5

Use Link Shortening Services To Track DropBox Downloads.

Use To Track DropBox Downloads. is a link shortening service owned by Search Engine Giant Google. provide an awesome service. Their service never goes down so your link will be alive 24*7 no downtime. This will help you to share your shorted links without any hesitation.  No need of any guide to use but you can read bellow if you get any issue.

1. Go To and put the link of your Dropbox file.

2. After Creatin Shorted Link, and sharing it on the web. Come back to and you will see your shorted link there. In the same line, there is a link named as “Details”. Click on details to find more information about your article.

3. Here, Is the screen shot of 1 0f my Dropbox file. It is an awesome result. You will get information about number clicks, Country of click and the technical information like which operating system the user was using to access your links.

keep on following this article, we will be updating this article.

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