Update Huawei Honor 4X To Android Lollipop

Huawei launched it low budget phone Honor 4x in Octabore 2014 at that time Android 5.1 was just launched so company launched this phone with a lower version of Android i.e 4.4.4 (Kitkat). So, If you are a user of Huawei Honor 4X then you must be waiting for Android Lollipop on your device. Android L comes with some awesome features and helps to increase the performance of the Android devices.


Here is a good news by Huawei to you. They made Android L update for all Honor 4x devices. So, It 100% true that you will get the update but it has been 1 month after launching Android L for Honor 4x but they are not pushing any OTA (On The Air) update. This means you just can not simply check for update and install Android L. Huawei is officially giving files required to update your Honor 4x to Android L and this process do not require any Root Access.
It is really disappointing to see that Huawei not Started OTA update and official announce about it.

How To Update Honor 4X to Android Lollipop.

Huawei released the Offical update for Honor 4x so no need to think about the software. The files are available on the official website of Honor. The size of the file is 1GB so you need a Good Internet connection to download this file.

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This update does not delete any user data, but it’s strongly recommended you back your files and folders before applying the update.

  • Step 1: Download The Android L Files For your Honor 4x.

Download Android L Files.

The above link will take you to the official site of Honor devices. Now, scroll down on that page and your will find the link for Files. Here is the screen shot. Make sure you are downloading the correct file.

  • Step2: Unzip The file  and Copy the “dload” folder to your SD card.
  • Go, to Setting and Updater. Scroll down on updater screen. You will get an option for the menu. Choose it and select “Local Update”.
  • Here you will see the file you copied to your SD card. Select the file and proceed to update.

Now, your Honor 4x is updated. Enjoy it. If you are facing any issue during this process comment here.

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