Use Android As Gamepad For Playing Games on PC

Android phones are now so common and many of us have one. If you like to play games in your PC as well as in your mobile. Which feature you think that a PC Game controller must have? According to me is the Accelerometer of your phone and motion sensing of the phone. There are many apps that convert your phone into a Gamepad (Joystick), These apps only don’t use Accelerometer of you android device which is not so cool. Learn How to use Android as gamepad.

Mobile Gamepad is an awesome app that convert your android phone into a joystick it also uses the accelerometer of your phone simulate movement in the game. This app is created by  a member of XDA developer Blueqnx and the app is available to download for free on Google Play. Watch bellow video to convert android as gamepad.

Android Phone as a Joystick with Mobile Gamepad.

Mobile Gamepad uses the accelerometer of your android smartphone to enable gamers motion. For doing this enable motion on your phone and press your finger on D pad. You can customize gamepad for every game. It also gives you swipe over controls for easy usage, not just clicking. The volume buttons of your phone can control the Audio volume of your PC which is so useful.

Android Phone as a Joystick with Mobile Gamepad

Follow The Step Bellow To Setup Mobile GamePad to use Android as gamepad.

  • Download the Mobile gamepad for PC named as Server.exe.
  • Once Installed, Run it You will see the default IP address. You can change it by going to setting. If Firewall asks for Access then allow it.
  • Now, Go to Games tab and Add the games which you want to play using android as gamepad. Click on the Green Button to add the games. After that select browse button to Select you the game. You can customize your gamepad depending upon the game you want to play.
  • It’s Time to Use your Android Device. Go To Google PlayStore and install Mobile GamePad on your Android Device. Once Installed open it.
  • It will ask for the connection type. Select WIFI if you are connected on the same network using any Wifi Router otherwise choose Bluetooth.
  • Once you select the WiFi, It will ask for the IP. Put the IP which server.exe is showing you on your Computer. After putting the IP click on connect button.

Now You Will See your Gamepad. Start the game on your PC and start using your android as gamepad.

It is an awesome app, If your are a serious gamer then it will be a little bit tough for you to use android as gamepad. Because Android devices are not designed to use and gamepad and their design doesn’t fit properly in the hands as the gamepad. Setting up this app maybe a little bit difficult for you so watch the video properly and follow the steps.

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