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At trick or trackers, we give a forum to dedicated content creators to show their content skills. We would love to have thinker with prospective that will catch the attention of our targeted audience. You can be the right candidate for a guest post if you think you are someone who can create fresh content that will engage the audience by providing them the fresh perspective of the knowledge. If you have a fresh audience engaging content, feel free to contact us.

Why Write for Us?

  • By writing for us, you will get the real-life exposure of writing. You will be able to connect the audience where you can interact with people through comments and get their feedback.
  • You will have your author biography profile with your personal website backlink. (All Links Will Be Nofollow)
  • Since we strive for best content creation, your content will be featured on all the social media platforms on a global scale.

Trick or Tracker Guest Author Guidelines 

As stated earlier, we strive for perfection and looking for a potential content creator who is able not only to write content but to create fresh content. We are looking for potential writers having the first perspective on gadgets, cars, and recent technologies.

Following are our requirements if you want to write for us :

  • You must have a linked in profile.
  • You must have published content on your WordPress blog or any other blog relevant to tech.
  • You must have a piece of first-hand knowledge about gadgets and recent tech-related updates.
  • You must have the basic knowledge of SEO optimized article

Hence, if you think you are perfect, write to us, then don’t sit tight and contact us right away.

Submission Guidelines 

There are a few submission requirements that need to be fulfilled. Make sure you follow all the requirements before submitting your content pieces.

  • The word count of your content must be above 1000 words, excluding the content title.
  • Content should not mislead the audience and appropriately composed.
  • Content should be readable and interesting enough to attract the audience.
  • We only accept fresh and original content. Any content which is already published on any other blog will be discarded right away.
  • Once you submit your content, make sure to stay in touch with us for a week to respond to the queries regarding your content.
  • Meet strict deadlines. A minor delay will eventually be a rejection of your content,
  • Use MS word to submit your content piece.
  • Make sure to add heading, subheadings, images, bullet points appropriately in your post

Now if you feel like you can work according to our requirements and our style then don’t wait for any further and send us your best pitches at write@techofy.org to get recognized on a larger scale.

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