WriteBox: A Simple Text Editor Which work in Chrome and Sync Your with Dropbox

WriteBox is a simple text editor app which work in chrome. Many times when you are surfing on Internet ,you have to copy some text or you get some new ideas, you need to write that instantly. Not only writing but also saving it properly is also important. Even when you want to search about something you read it on many sites and copy some points from some sites in this case you need a text editor. A browser text editor is an awesome app for bloggers because you need to copy or write something instantly.

About and How WriteBox Works


WriteBox uses a simple interface with a menu bar and white sheet of page. WriteBox works offline and it saves all your things to local storage. WriteBox uses HTML5 storage to save your work offline but you also have an option to sync your data with DropBox and Google Drive. You can also export your work in plain text or HTML format which is very useful. It also allows you to preview your work which is great for reading. It also have a file manager from which you can select your files. You can also delete all local data that you created by using WriteBox.

You can change the font of the body text. It allows you to change color of font and background. You can also change the height of the line and width of the body, You can change according to your desktop size.  It gives you a sync button with which you can sync your files with Dropbox or Google Drive just you need to link your account. It also shows how much words and character you have written in the end of the page.

 Get WriteBox for Yourself.
  • Go to this link and add Writebox for your chrome.
  • Now open apps in chrome and open writebox. LINK to open chrome Apps.

Setup Syncing With Dropbox OR with Google Drive.

  • Open Writebox and then click on “Sync” button. Now Click on “Yes” button.
  • Now in a new tab Dropbox/Google Drive will open and ask you to allow Writebox to access your account. Click on allow button to proceed.
  • Now you will be able to see your folders in writebox.

With WriteBox you can easily sync and write your thoughts and ideas.

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